Batman Returns

Other mistake: When the Penguin is talking on the staircase to his audience of voters, he gives a badge to one young woman. As he lifts it up it is clearly a pin-on design button, however the Penguin leans forward as presses the badge against her blouse as if it were a stick-on design. The badge then stays on the blouse and doesn't fall. (01:00:30)

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Other mistake: The security guard clearly throws his gun out of hand even before Catwoman's whip touches it. (00:54:35)

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Other mistake: At the end as Penguin is dying after coming up out of the water, blue/black "blood" is coming from his mouth. However the cuts and bruises on his face have red blood coming from them, indicating the inconsistency of what color blood he should be bleeding.

Other mistake: There are several biker clowns not beaten by Batman early in the movie, but they disappear for the rest of it.

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Suggested correction: Not sure how this is a mistake, just because those henchmen were not featured later in the film.

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On top of that, the bikers were wearing skull masks. There's no way of knowing whether or not they were still in the film unmasked later on.

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Continuity mistake: Just before Batman takes his mask off at the end, the black makeup around his eyes vanishes while the mask is still on. (01:48:20)

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[Catwoman is hit by Batman.]
Catwoman: How could you?! I'm a woman!
Batman: I'm sorry, I...
[Batman is hit by Catwoman.]
Catwoman: As I was saying, I'm a woman and can't be taken for granted. Life's a bitch, now so am I!

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Trivia: Harvey Dent, who would later become Two Face, was originally going to be in this film instead of Max Schreck. The plan was to have Catwoman turn him into Two Face the same way she ended up killing Schreck, except of course Dent obviously would've survived and become Two Face.

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Question: Why is Penguin's blood green?

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Answer: It isn't. If you look at when he dies you will see that he has cuts on his face that are bleeding red. The blue liquid is more like a bile, probably similar to saliva.

Chosen answer: It is part of the mutation that caused his peculiar appearance.

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