Batman Returns

Audio problem: The Batmobile is supposed to be powered by a Jet engine. The sound in the sequel is dubbed rather flawlessly except for two brief instances when you can hear the 8 cylinder piston engine.

Sol Parker

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Audio problem: When Selina is pushed from to window, her scream doesn't match her mouth movement. (00:27:05)


Audio problem: When Selina returns home from work the first time and Miss Kitty comes in through the window, Selina pours some milk into the cat bowl and Miss Kitty begins to lap the milk (out of shot). Then, without a break in the lapping, Miss Kitty meows again as a cue for one of Selina's lines, but the lapping sounds continue underneath the meow. It's an open-mouth meow, too, and, as far as I know, no cat can both meow and drink at the same time. (00:22:45)

Audio problem: When the mayor's baby is first stolen, the audience gasps in a very fake way. When the Penguin reveals his plan to steal the first-born sons to the party members later in the movie, they gasp the exact same sound effect. They actually do it a third time, later in Penguin's speech, but it's very quiet.

Audio problem: When Oswald holds Catwoman's cat down to the bed while she puts his bird in her mouth, hisses and meows are heard from the cat, but it doesn't open it's mouth. (01:03:25)


Audio problem: On the batmobile screen, the Penguin says "Just relax…" but when Batman plays the Penguin's audio back on the tannoy speakers, it is "Hey, just relax…" (01:20:30 - 01:26:00)


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[Catwoman is hit by Batman.]
Catwoman: How could you?! I'm a woman!
Batman: I'm sorry, I...
[Batman is hit by Catwoman.]
Catwoman: As I was saying, I'm a woman and can't be taken for granted. Life's a bitch, now so am I!

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Trivia: Harvey Dent, who would later become Two Face, was originally going to be in this film instead of Max Schreck. The plan was to have Catwoman turn him into Two Face the same way she ended up killing Schreck, except of course Dent obviously would've survived and become Two Face.

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Answer: It isn't. If you look at when he dies you will see that he has cuts on his face that are bleeding red. The blue liquid is more like a bile, probably similar to saliva.

Chosen answer: It is part of the mutation that caused his peculiar appearance.


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