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Corrected entry: There's a flashback of Danvers playing the arcade game of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition in the bar, but that wasn't released until 1992, and she left earth in 1989.


Correction: She's playing what appears to be a pinball machine in the memory. Look at the position of her hands, and also there's a clear image of the pinball machine's title that starts with "fligh..." behind her head.

This comment is correct. You can look up and there are promo pictures with Brie Larson playing the pinball machine - the game itself is Flight 2000, a machine from 1980 so amply within the boundaries of the movie timeline.

Corrected entry: The date on the pictures of the crash site is 06/23/1990, contradicting what Fury says (and what the movie establishes elsewhere), with the crash happening in 1989. (00:47:25)

Sammo Premium member

Correction: The date on the picture is in the classification section and refers to the date of classification, not the date of the crash. The markings however are incorrect for a classified document for multiple reasons, including not including a level.


Thanks for the specification, that is interesting! However, would something of this importance be processed a whole year after the fact?

Sammo Premium member

Yes. Whenever a "new" document is created, its classification date is the date that the classification was determined and formalized. If a picture wasn't processed for a year, or if a blowup was later made (transformations count as new), then those "new" documents would show the date that the classification officer did the review. I was for a few years a classification officer, and sometimes had to review older material that someone never bothered to have reviewed until later.


Makes sense! It's a pretty nice detail then. Thank you, upvoted.

Sammo Premium member

Correction: The piece of metal she pulls off seems pretty lightweight. (After all, it's light enough a relatively slim woman could accidentally pull it off.) Second, SHIELD cars have been shown in the MCU to be a bit more fortified than regular cars. (Heck, in the same sequence the car more-or-less shrugs off a collision in the front right side, and then takes an impact from a bus without totally crumbling.) So with those two factors, I don't really see this as a mistake.


Corrected entry: SHIELD is shown to have obtained The Tesseract from Goose, this is a mistake as it shouldn't have even been in the movie - it should have still been frozen with Captain America.

Correction: The Tesseract wasn't frozen with Captain America. It burned its way through the plane and landed on the ocean floor away from Captain America. Howard Stark (Tony Stark's father) finds the Tesseract while trying to find Captain America.


Corrected entry: When Fury parks his car inside the Pegasus facility, the car's headlights are on. They're still on when he and Vers walk away. A few seconds later, when they're approached by security and Fury produces his ID, the lights have been turned off.

Correction: Most cars have automatic headlights that turn off after switching the engine off. It takes a few seconds. Have been around since the 60's.


Corrected entry: When the Supreme Intelligence causes a power malfunction on Mar-vell's lab, one of the Kree guarding the Skrill prisoners has no Kree make-up. It is the guard on the right. (01:31:21)


Correction: Not all Kree are blue. Jude Law plays a Kree with no makeup, for example. Captain Marvel believes she is Kree, which would be impossible if they were all blue.

Corrected entry: Vers avoids Coulson and the other agent because she's headed downstairs. While she has been remarkably lucky not to stumble into Talos who was in fact at level -6, one wonders why she was going dowstairs at all. She had no business doing anything further underground and she wanted to leave. She comes back only because she understands Fury is in danger. (00:51:10)

Sammo Premium member

Correction: I'd suggest this is a contrivance, maybe a character mistake, rather than a plot hole. The film/story still works as a result of this, which wouldn't be the case if it was a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When Carol Danvers is escaping the ship after having her memories examined, both of her hands are sealed within metal containers, but when she needs to open a doorway, a hand pops up and presses on the scanner. In the next shot, she has both hands sealed still.

Correction: Look again. She uses her foot.

Corrected entry: After Danvers steals the bike she hides her suit, but does not have any bag or any other item to store it in.


Correction: Her suit could easily be worn beneath the clothes she stole. Even if they couldn't, we've seen that the helmet portion of her suit can appear from nowhere. It's not exactly a stretch to believe that the entire suit can be stored in a similar way, not unlike Peter Quill's helmet or Iron Man's most recent nano-tech suit.

Corrected entry: Fury is laughing off the idea of Vers being an alien and asks a normal cop to put her under arrest. But then, it would not make sense SHIELD even bothered to arrive on the scene (assuming Fury was in LA already) if they did not detect also the crash of the escape pod, the huge ship exploding in atmosphere and thus treat the problem as serious. They also arrive simultaneously as the cop, in daylight, when Vers crashed at night.

Sammo Premium member

Correction: Their knowledge of aliens was the same as anybody in those days. Fury just thought she was some crazy person, with perhaps some forbidden weapons and/or communications technology. They arrived after the security guard called it in, since there were multiple incidents at that location they decided to send in SHIELD agents (regular agents) besides a regular cop in case there was a connection. Since they arrived in daylight I'd say they had quite a drive to get there.


Just a note: was not just regular agents, Keller is on the site as well, he's the first to arrive even (I did not notice it the first two times I have watched the movie, partly because the deleted scene in the office made me imagine a different scenario). So it's important enough that the top brass from SHIELD (plus rookie Coulsen and whoever drove Keller) arrive but at the same time they waltz in with the odd normal cop as backup. They can't be there because of some dude said there's a lady in a suit, did they even notice a spaceship blow up (you'd expect so but the movie and MCU ignore it later when larger ships suffer the same fate)? I don't want to repeat myself too much and I agree with what you wrote: to me the dynamic seems quite strange. In such a long time the first respondents (in the middle of a city) arrive only when SHIELD arrives, an hour after they've been called. And no cop or fireman arrived before on the impact zone? The response to this crisis is pure 'movie logic'.

Right, Keller being there is weird already, since he just disappears when they confront Carol. Couldn't be Talos in disguise either or he would attack her. His questions at the autopsy suggests he replaced Keller after the chase. If that's got to do with deleted scenes though, not sure how to handle that. I agree that's weird, but a plot hole? The security guard called in the lady asking wierd questions, probably nothing about the crash. Anyway the response can still be explained by SHIELD taking over and have the regular law enforcement not respond until they arrive as well. Again, even in the 90's SHIELD seems to have a lot of power and control. You can only guess at what they really know or think.


In the deleted scene, Talos in disguises enters Keller's office thanks to the real Coulson kindly opening the door for him and the real Keller is discovered knocked out, bound and gagged there indicating he took his place. But deleted scenes are always tricky and in case of this particular movie they have to be discarded altogether I think, since some contradict the movie (Vers begins the movie meeting Jude Law as he is training some kids and does not visit him in his room; Vers bullies the biker guy into giving her the bike, etc). Anyway yes, we both agree the situation is weird, I understand you being as usual more cautious than me when it comes to call a contrived and scarcely logical behaviour a "plot hole" and I appreciate it, matter of opinion, we both pointed out what's wrong and what sort of explanation, lack thereof (or perhaps no need of) there is.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When Fury and Carol enter the USAF base, Fury puts his left thumbprint on the scanner. When they are in the waiting room, he tries the door with his right thumb.

Correction: Presumably Fury's biometric record contains copies of both his thumbs for security access, not just one.

Correction: I can unlock my phone using different fingers and thumbs on the fingerprint sensor. Seems reasonable to assume they have similar functionality.

Corrected entry: The film is set in 1995, but features the song "Celebrity Skin" by Hole. Celebrity Skin was not released until 1998.

Correction: "Celebrity Skin" plays over the end credits, not within the main story of the film itself. It's no more of a mistake than the movie's score playing throughout the film despite being written well after 1995.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Fury and Vers arrive at Pegasus' gate, they pull up on the right side of the gate where the com is on the right side of the car (Vers' side). When Fury uses the com it's on the left side of the gate (Fury's side).

Correction: There is one on each side. You can see the one on Vers' side out her window when Fury is talking into his.


Corrected entry: Inside the Blockbuster in 1995, there is a poster for the movie "Babe." Babe did not get a home video release until March of 1996.

Correction: Video rental stores often had posters of movies still in theaters or coming soon to home video.


Correction: Babe came in theaters in August of that year. It would have been a poster of a movie not even in theaters. The original entry is absolutely correct.

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: When Carol and Fury escape from the SHIELD facility and grab the jet, there is an F22 Raptor in the hangar. The F22 wasn't introduced until 2005, 10 years later.

Correction: The first documented flight was in 1997. Given this is a SHIELD facility with a lot of futuristic tech on-site, it's hardly beyond belief that there would be an early prototype there, especially given the advanced technology the MCU has compared to real history.

Correction: Fury is like THE secret agent. As Tony said, his secrets have secrets. It's not too hard to believe that he would lie about this.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Fury's statements aren't entirely incorrect. He specifies that SHIELD is building weapons due to what occurred the year before (Thor's battle with the Destroyer), and that "we" have learned we are not alone in the universe. The Skrull/Kree incident would have been kept pretty secret, but the incident with Thor would be much more well known, especially to the people in the room. He never actually says that Thor was the first alien that had been encountered.

The statement though was about "how we are hopelessly, hilariously outgunned", too. With the Tesseract in their possession and proof of entire alien races at work, research on weaponizing the Tesseract should have been already years and years in the making - while in Avengers it was also said that it's starting the work on weaponizing the Tesseract that drew Loki to it. Of course that statement could have been wrong, but surely nothing before this movie justifies over 10 years of time just sitting on the notion that there are aliens that can reach Earth and use high tech energy weapons and spaceships (a bunch of which is casually dropped on Earth, too).

Sammo Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scenes set in June of 1995, "Vers" uses a Windows 95 computer to search the internet via dial-up. Windows 95 wasn't released until August 24, 1995, two months after those scenes were set.

Correction: A beta version of Windows 95 (probably build 347) was released before June, when this takes place. They could be using that. It included MSN, for internet access.


Good guess. That preview version was available for $19.95 in the U.S.


I think that's a reach - especially back then beta versions were much harder to come by - you couldn't just download it, you'd have to apply and receive a CD or floppies. She's in an internet cafe if memory serves, and why would they go to the hassle of installing a beta OS which most people would never have used before, and which would run the risk of having bugs, etc.?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Windows 95 had one of the most expensive advertisements and launch programs to this date. (Second to Windows 8's.) Microsoft had special personnel known as Evangelists who went to potential customers encouraging them to test Windows 95 and give feedback. They didn't send the 3.5" diskettes with post; the Evangelists delivered them personally. Microsoft didn't become a software giant by sitting on its behind, waiting for customers.


Correction: The month is never specified in the film.

True Lies was released on home video on July 15th - any cardboard standee in a Blockbuster would be for an upcoming or very recent release. By late August something else would have replaced it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Not if it was a popular rental, then they would keep promoting it.

ctown28 Premium member

When they're looking at the black box recording, there's a calendar on the wall that reads June.

Brian Katcher

Correction: The recycle bin icon on the desktop is an oval shape which was first introduced in Windows ME, which wasn't released until 14th September 2000.

The corrected entry mentions a scene searching the internet via dial-up; the computer in that scene has indeed Windows 95 with a square-shaped bin. Since then this entry has kinda been more about the plausibility of Windows 95 in a public internet cafe in June than anything else. There's a separate entry about the scene when they use a totally different computer, the one at her friend's house, which has the bin you mention and is a ME edition.

Sammo Premium member

It's not, it's the rectangular bin.

Corrected entry: Fury states "official SHIELD business" after his car accident. SHIELD wasn't called that until the end of the first Iron Man movie.

Correction: The acronym is pretty straight forward. We have never been told that nobody used the name SHIELD, just that the name Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division was a bit of a mouthful. Coulson says "we're working on it", but didn't say the change to SHIELD was the result. As far as we know, there was consideration about changing the organisation's name as a whole.

More simply it was a throwaway joke in "Iron Man" and the mistake (it is a nonsensical part of the plot thrown in for a joke, a trend the MCU is guilty of sometimes as this movie shows) is part of that movie, since it's kinda obvious it would not make sense on closer scrutiny. That or Coulsen was just trolling Pepper. Let's not make hypothesis that there could be a hidden meaning in the wording and an entire name change was in the making: the spirit of the original scene is clear. It's only a matter of choosing if obvious jokes and absurdities should be ignored (labeling them as mistakes is kinda like 'explaining a joke'), or not.

Sammo Premium member

Factual error: When Minerva mistakenly picks up a NERF gun to shoot Carol, the blaster she picks up is a Sharpshooter II, released in 1995. The occupants of the station were supposed to have been stranded there for six years and could not logically have obtained this item.

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Suggested correction: We do not know that they were stranded on the station. They would have had to eat after Mar-Vell's sudden death. She could have had contingency plans in place to help them survive or others could have helped.


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Carol Danvers: Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?
Nick Fury: It was cool, you know? Had a space invasion, big car chase. Got to watch an alien autopsy. Typical 9-to-5.
Carol Danvers: So you saw one?
Nick Fury: I was never one to believe in aliens, but I can't unsee that.

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Trivia: When Captain Marvel strides out of the store, she goes over to a security guard in his car parked nearby. This guard is played by real-life Marvel security director Barry Curtis.

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Question: How did Mar-vell get the tesseract?

Answer: Howard Stark relinquished custody of it to her. For a full history of the Tesseract see here:

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