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Trivia: The first Marvel film released after Stan Lee's death. In tribute, the usual opening ident, which has the comic book characters in the Marvel Studios logo, instead shows multiple images of Stan Lee.


Trivia: When Captain Marvel strides out of the store, she goes over to a security guard in his car parked nearby. This guard is played by real-life Marvel security director Barry Curtis.


Trivia: Brie Larson is actually allergic to cats, so when filming with Goose the real cat had to be replaced by a puppet or with CGI.


Trivia: In the Blockbuster, Danvers blasts a standee of True Lies. The directors' first choice of standee was actually The Mask (which makes sense, being a green-skinned character who she'd rightly think was a Skrull and attack), but New Line Cinema refused to allow it.

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Trivia: While we never find out in the movie who Yon-Rogg saw when he visited the Supreme Intelligence, being "the person he admires above all", a deleted scene gives the answer...himself.

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Trivia: Kelly Sue Deconnick, notable writer of Captain Marvel comics, makes a cameo on the train where Vers is looking for the Skrulls.


Trivia: This film portrays the Kree Supreme Intelligence as an abstract form that takes the appearance of a person familiar to whomever is conversing with it. In the comics, the Supreme Intelligence does have an identifiable form: a floating green head somewhat resembling Jabba the Hutt with glowing yellow eyes and tentacles.

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Trivia: Captain Marvel's name is never spoken in the film. It is only mentioned in the closing credits.

Trivia: The movie was released on March 8th 2019, International Women's Day.

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Trivia: Stan Lee's cameo actually references another cameo he made as himself, in 1995's Mallrats - he's reading the script for that on the train. This marks the first time he's explicitly himself in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film (he identified himself as Stan Lee in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer), not just a random character. In fact Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 confirms he's actually playing the same character in every cameo, a Watcher Informant, roaming the multiverse and reporting back his discoveries. And given he's reading the Mallrats script here, that means Stan Lee himself was actually an alien being all along, observing humanity and others. And of course that means the real Stan Lee exists in the MCU, so created comics based on characters who really exist, albeit maybe in another universe...but you could go on like that forever.

Trivia: Chris Evans' appearance in this film's post-credit sequence marks the tenth time he has portrayed Captain America, surpassing Hugh Jackman for the record of playing the same comic book character in the most films. Evans would add on to his own record a few weeks later by appearing in "Avengers: Endgame."

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Trivia: Make sure to stay for two extra scenes during and after the credits.

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Trivia: In the comics, Carol's cat is called Chewie, a reference to Star Wars. Intended as a nostalgic reference (the comics originating before the Star Wars prequels and later movies), it was changed to Goose (from Top Gun) for this movie, because Star Wars movies are still ongoing, making Chewie too "current."

Factual error: The internet cafe Vers visits runs a piece of software even more cutting edge than the brand new, still beta version of Windows 95; Netscape Navigator 4, a release from 1997 - certainly not 1995, when it still had very squared highly recognizable buttons and icons of a different color than those portrayed here. (00:35:15)

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Nick Fury: I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.

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