Street Fighter

Character mistake: When Guile promises to rescue the hostages while on camera with Bison, he makes it a point to mention Charlie by name to reassure him that he wasn't forgotten. Anyone in charge of a major hostage recovery operation would avoid naming a specific hostage unknown to the enemy due to the special focus that the enemy may put on that hostage for further abuse. This was promptly proven when Bison specifically chose Charlie to transform into a beast due to Guile identifying him as a personal friend.


Continuity mistake: When Vega ambushes Ryu in the locker rooms, he just puts his mask in front of his face. Ryu kicks him right afterwards, and the mask rests solidly on Vega's head.

Continuity mistake: When Guile infiltrates the base, he has as his only weapons a pistol and a couple of knifes. But when he fights the Bison troopers in the control Center, he suddenly has a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. He does have the magazines when he enters the lab, but the submachine gun is fairly bulky and thus should be visible when he comes in.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dhalsim changes the programming, all the computer shots of Blanka show him with normal skin, despite that it's turned green.

Other mistake: I know most goons in movies are bad shots, but this is stupid. There are at least 20 Bison Troops in the room. There is one Guile. The guards have machine guns, while Guile has a handgun, with only 1 or 2 clips. Yet these troopers all miss him, even the ones on higher levels of the base, which give them a far better view of Guile.

Continuity mistake: When everybody prepares to bail out of Bison's base, Honda and Zangief are still locked in combat; Zangief is wearing an undershirt. But when Honda breaks away, the shirt is suddenly gone, and there is no indication - including tatters - that is was ripped off during the fight.

Continuity mistake: When Sagat and DJ first open the container full of Bison dollars you can see inside as it isn't full to the top, yet when it cuts back to them for a second time the container is full to the top.

Deliberate mistake: Vega's claw never actually hits any of the furnace buttons, but it opens up anyway.

Audio problem: When Chun-Li's group is pretending to be the magicians, she ends the act by jumping into the outstretched arms of Balrog and Honda. You hear Honda say, "How about our explosive finale?" His lips don't move, even though you hear him say it.

Revealing mistake: At the black market, Honda and Balrog bring Ryu into the tent that Ken is already restrained in. When they enter, Ryu begins to fight with Honda and Balrog but Chun-Li ends their fighting by emerging from a curtain wielding a knife. Ryu backs into the knife and it bends.

Continuity mistake: When Ken asks 'Why are you making me watch this?', he is facing left, even though in the next shot Sagat is on his right.

Character mistake: The Japanese name "Ryu" is pronounced REE-oo. Characters in the film consistently pronounce the name incorrectly as RYE-you.


E. Honda: Watch your back, Li.
Chun Li: Oh, I didn't know you cared.
Balrog: We don't. You're the only one who can pay for our expense accounts.

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Trivia: When Honda and Balrog are throwing the barrel around with Chun Li in, the barrel says Capcom, Street Fighter's creators.

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Question: Is Fei-Long in this movie? He is the only character from the game I have not been able to ID in the movie. And if so, where is he? He's my favorite character from the game and I was disappointed to not see him.

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Chosen answer: Fei Long was originally intended to be in the film, but was replaced by the character Captain Sawada.


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