Street Fighter

Trivia: Here's a brief list of the moves from the game that made it into the film. Ryu threw a fireball at Vega. Vega did his rolling attack against Ryu. Guile did two Flash Kicks against Bison. Cammy did a thrust kick against a Bison Trooper.

Trivia: When Honda and Balrog are throwing the barrel around with Chun Li in, the barrel says Capcom, Street Fighter's creators.

Trivia: Raul Julia agreed to make the film because his kids were fans of the arcade game.


Trivia: Other special moves from the game: Cammie uses a Leg Scissor Lock against one of the three guards she encounters outside; Honda uses his Lightning Hand against Zangief; and Ken executes a Dragon Punch in his fight against Sagat.


Trivia: The martial artist Benny Urquidez was the physical trainer of the actors and made a cameo as a Sagat's henchman.


Trivia: The paintings in Bison's room are references to Napoleon Bonaparte and the serial killer John Wayne Gacy.


Trivia: The painting on the walls of the Ryu's gym is a replica from Honda's scenario in the game.


Trivia: The golden statue at Sagat's place is a reference to his scenario in the game.


Trivia: The control panel used by Bison is a replica from the arcade game.


Trivia: The dialogue between Guile and Bison is taken from the game.


Trivia: There is a post credit scene that shows Bison alive.


Character mistake: When Guile promises to rescue the hostages while on camera with Bison he makes a point to mention Charlie by name to reassure him that he wasn't forgotten. Anybody who was in charge of a major recovery operation would know better than to mention a specific hostage that isn't already well known to the enemy because he just put a target on that hostage for further abuse. This was promptly shown in the following scene when Bison picked out Charlie to be transformed into a beast as a result of Guile identifying him as a personal friend.

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Bison: Ah! Doctor Dhalsim! How is your research today?
Dr. Dhalsim: The same. Warped. Corrupted. My science twisted to serve perversion instead of peace.
Bison: Tell you what. After I've crushed my enemies, we'll see about getting you published. That should cheer you up, hmm?

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