Street Fighter

Corrected entry: While Guile hides behind a broken brick wall, he tells Chung Li and Balrog to find the hostages and get them out. Why leave the most pivotal mission objective up to two untrained, unarmed journalists? What kind of a plan is that? Surely he should have told them to get down and waited for his own forces to arrive.

Correction: It is possible that Guile trusts his companions' ability to survive the scenario. After all, he's seen Ryu and Ken in action, and that Chun Li has escaped the heavily guarded Shadaloo HQ has done her credit. Since it is possible that the AN troops might not be able to fight their way to the hostages in time, it is Guile's priority to get the hostages out quick, and Ken, Guile and Chun Li & Co are the closest available helpers.

Corrected entry: Of all the main characters from the game appearing in the movie, Dee Jay and Dhalsim have been turned into non-fighters.

Correction: This is merely an observation. As noted in the contribution rules "If you're submitting trivia, it has to be both interesting and not blatantly obvious".


Corrected entry: When Sagat says: "Surely, you cannot be afraid of your own weapons?" to Ryu and Ken, his mouth doesn't move to the word surely.

Correction: He actually speaks through clenched teeth and is trying not to move his lips.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Guile takes Chun Li's microphone, she goes up to him and asks: "what are you doing?", her mouth doesn't move.

Correction: She is actually speaking through clenched teeth with her lips barely moving.

Corrected entry: In this film, the actors say Ryu's name wrong. Some, like Ken, say Ryu, which is wrong, whilst people like Guile say Reeoo, which is the right way to say it. You would have thought SOMEONE would tell them how to say before hand.

Correction: Ryu is not an American name and people might not be sure how to say it. A friend of mine's name is Jun, and people pronounce it Hun, Yun, Jun.



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When Guile infiltrates the base, he has as his only weapons a pistol and a couple of knifes. But when he fights the Bison troopers in the control Center, he suddenly has a Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun. He does have the magazines when he enters the lab, but the submachine gun is fairly bulky and thus should be visible when he comes in.



Here's a brief list of the moves from the game that made it into the film. Ryu threw a fireball at Vega. Vega did his rolling attack against Ryu. Guile did two Flash Kicks against Bison. Cammy did a thrust kick against a Bison Trooper.