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Question: Is Fei-Long in this movie? He is the only character from the game I have not been able to ID in the movie. And if so, where is he? He's my favorite character from the game and I was disappointed to not see him.

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Chosen answer: Fei Long was originally intended to be in the film, but was replaced by the character Captain Sawada.


Question: How come Doctor Dhalism turns bald at the end?

Answer: In his fight with the guard, Dhalsim gets knocked into some chemicals. This presumably changed him. This is also likely the explanation if he had to do any signature moves from the games, which thankfully, he doesn't.

Question: In the credits, T. Hawk is listed, I didn't see him anywhere, who is he?

Answer: When Guile storms Shadaloo headquarters with the stealth boat, he is accompanied by Cammy and a hugely modified (in terms of character) T-Hawk. At one point Guile asks about T-Hawk's headband. Being an aid to Guile, T-Hawk is in other scenes, but these are the most obvious.

Question: In the fight with Ryu and Ken in the courtyard, Vega uses a claw similar to his conventional one. How did he come into possession of that? He couldn't have smuggled it in because it would've been confiscated. I don't think that he had the materials necessary to make a new one either. So, where did it come from?

Answer: To this day books, magazines, phones, food and drugs have been smuggled into prisons, getting a hook smuggled into or made in a third world prison would be easy.

Character mistake: When Guile promises to rescue the hostages while on camera with Bison, he makes it a point to mention Charlie by name to reassure him that he wasn't forgotten. Anyone in charge of a major hostage recovery operation would avoid naming a specific hostage unknown to the enemy due to the special focus that the enemy may put on that hostage for further abuse. This was promptly proven when Bison specifically chose Charlie to transform into a beast due to Guile identifying him as a personal friend.


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Bison: Ah! Doctor Dhalsim! How is your research today?
Dr. Dhalsim: The same. Warped. Corrupted. My science twisted to serve perversion instead of peace.
Bison: Tell you what. After I've crushed my enemies, we'll see about getting you published. That should cheer you up, hmm?

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Trivia: Other special moves from the game: Cammie uses a Leg Scissor Lock against one of the three guards she encounters outside; Honda uses his Lightning Hand against Zangief; and Ken executes a Dragon Punch in his fight against Sagat.


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