Continuity mistake: In the football field, all the player pass in front of Clark and leave him alone. In the next angle a player is passing by again.

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Continuity mistake: At the police station, behind the fat cop there's a young cop picking up papers who walks to the left and stays there for a while. When the angle changes he reappears in the previous spot, repeating all the movements.

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Continuity mistake: When Luthor switches the snow machine off, a wide angle shows the chamber totally covered in snow and ice, but the close-up of the vents and the walls surrounding are spotless.

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Continuity mistake: During the Golden Gate Bridge crash sequence, a reversed shot of a life-sized 1972 Trans-Am braking hard is shown. The next shot shows a model car smashing into a model school bus, and the car is suddenly a 1965 Corvette. The fimakers have painted it red & white so it resembles the Trans Am. (Timecode is for Director's Cut) (02:09:10)

Other mistake: When the camera pulls back from Superman in his Fortress of Solitude, right after the image of his father wanting to hug him disappears, you can see on the right of the screen that one of Superman's 'crystal' walls is fluttering or shaking like it's made of plastic.

Continuity mistake: When Ms. Teschmaker rests her arm on the file cabinet, a white roll of paper appears and disappears.

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Continuity mistake: Right before Superman catches the burglar, he is standing in a steel intersection of the building. A second afterwards, he is in the middle of a window pane.

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Continuity mistake: When the Hollywood sign is falling on the girls, a close view shows a girl very close to a letter while her friends run away. A split second later, from a wide angle, the girl has disappeared.

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Revealing mistake: In the shot of Krypton exploding, you can see creases in the black backdrop in the lower, left hand quadrant of the screen (especially visible on Blu-Ray).

Revealing mistake: In the final shot of the destruction of Krypton several of the people falling into the abyss disappear a split second before the shot of Krypton exploding.

Revealing mistake: Superman startles a cat burglar who falls from the side of a building. When Superman catches him he is facing upwards yet his cape does not fall back, it stays parallel to his body.

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Continuity mistake: When the train is about to derail, we see a bunch of goats and donkeys under the bridge, with a kid dressed in jeans and a blue shirt, and a bearded man with a white jacket. When the shot changes, the man is wearing the kids' clothes and the boy has vanished.

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Continuity mistake: When Lois is about to ride on the helicopter, there's a man in the background easy noticeable because he holds two very bright glowing sticks. When the angle changes to a ground level view of Lois's legs, the man disappears.

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Continuity mistake: On the Golden Gate, the school bus smashes a blue beetle car, a second later the car appears in perfect condition.

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Superman: I'm here to fight for truth, justice and the American way.

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Trivia: Jeff East, who plays teenage Clark Kent, was dubbed over with Christopher Reeves' voice. The only time Jeff's actual voice is heard is when he shouts in excitement after jumping past the speeding train.

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Question: When Superman went back in time to save Lois, doesn't that mean that the people that he had originally saved are now doomed to die?


Answer: There are generally two methods of time travel. Skip vs Slide. When you slide through time, you are in essence rewinding or fast forwarding a tape. Time will accelerate to the desired moment. This method, the traveler will witness the rewind and will only allow one of them to exist. When skipping, you are plucking yourself from the time stream and placing yourself in the desired moment. This method, travel is instantaneous and can allow for multiples of the traveler to exist at once. Superman rewound time. He used the slide method and went directly to Lois after doing so. This means those he previously saved...died after his reversal.

Or he could have used the skip method. Like you said, it enables a traveler to pluck themself from the time stream and placing them at the desired moment allowing for two Supermen to be able to prevent both missiles from reaching their destinations.

He couldn't have used the skip method if he rewound time.


Chosen answer: No. Because the version of him *before* he time-traveled is still out doing those things. The REAL question is, what happens to that Superman, seeing as Lois no longer dies and he has no reason to travel back in time.

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