Trivia: When Scream was reviewed by the MPAA, the executives utterly refused to release the film with the violent opening scene, considering it "too intense." As a result, Wes Craven had to lie to them, claiming that was the only take he was able to get and cutting the scene would downgrade the rest of the movie. After a few more cuts, the MPAA agreed to release the film under an R rating.

Trivia: Drew Barrymore was cast in a different part and had to drop out, Craven thought about not making the movie without her, when she came up with the idea of her playing Casey and being killed off at the beginning because no-one would expect it.


Trivia: In the beginning of the film before Drew Barrymore is killed, Wes Craven needed to make sure she was as upset as possible for the scenes that followed. As Drew is a huge animal lover Wes kept reminding her of an incident where an animal had been hurt by a human which then led to her getting upset.

Trivia: Ghostface is mainly played by a stuntman, not the two actors he is portrayed to be.

Trivia: Look closely towards the end of the movie when Randy is explaining the rules look at the videos on top of the TV. One of them is clearly the UK version of the scream video cover under a different name. (01:10:10)

Trivia: A scene near the end required Skeet Ulrich to throw a phone receiver in frustration, and he wound up accidentally hitting Matthew Lillard in the back of the head with it, prompting Lillard to yell at him, "You hit me with the phone, dick!" Wes Craven found this so hilarious that he decided to use that take in the film.

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Trivia: The school scenes were originally meant to be filmed in the Santa Rosa High School. However, right before filming began, the school officials pulled out of the project. The crew was forced to scramble to find another school at the last second. Director Wes Craven was furious at the school board, and decided to poke some fun at them in the credits. If you wait around long enough, you'll see the message "No thanks whatsoever to the Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board."


Trivia: After the release of this film, Caller ID sales shot up by over 300% for a period of time. The spike in sales was attributed to teens and young adults seeing this film and becoming frightened by the idea of receiving a phonecall and not knowing who was on the other side. This was a pretty big deal, too, as it was the mid-90's and Caller ID was not a standard feature on phones as it is now.

Trivia: Scream was the world's highest-grossing slasher film for over 20 years. It was not until Halloween (2018) that its $100 million gross was surpassed.

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Trivia: One of the early signs that Stu is one of the killers is during the scene when Ghostface attacks Sidney in her house. When Ghostface chases Sidney up the stairs to her room, he says "Easy, easy!", which sounds like Stu's voice. Stu even says that same line to Tatum the next day when she hits him with the lollipop.

Trivia: As with a lot of classic horror films, the Scream series is riddled with tributes to other films of the genre. One example is that Billy Loomis shares his surname with Sam Loomis, the psychiatrist in the Halloween films.

Audio problem: When Sidney comes running to the house and she sees Dewey come out with the knife in his back she screams "Dewey!" but her mouth says "no!" (01:23:45)

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Principal Himbry: Damn little shits!
Janitor: What'd you call me?
Principal Himbry: Not you, Fred.

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Question: Why did Billy and Stu want to kill Tatum? I've read that she said Stu was bad in bed, but when does she say this in the movie?

Answer: They didn't have anything against Tatum specifically, her death was just necessary for their scary movie plan against Sidney. They also said that anyone who isn't a virgin dies in a scary movie, and we know Tatum wasn't a virgin.

Answer: I don't understand why people are getting hung up on the virgin thing. Sure, there are some movies where someone who isn't a virgin survives. But the common cliche in horror that everyone knows is that sex typically equals death. Doesn't matter if some movies don't follow the cliche... it's still the cliche, and Stu and Billy are operating by the cliches.


In addition to this, Stu and Billy were planning to be the two survivors and make "the sequel." They probably viewed themselves as the main characters. Tatum was one of the "side characters" who would typically be killed.

It's just a TV trope used in the movie.


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