Robocop 3

Revealing mistake: When Robo gets his arm chopped off by Otomo, he stands up and in Robovision, you see that he needs power, but you cannot see Otomo who is supposedly right in front of him.

Revealing mistake: When RoboCop has his forearm cut off, you can see Robert Burke's arm covered in black material poking out from beind his back. The arm appears again a few times during this scene. (01:21:29)


Revealing mistake: When RoboCop gets his hand cut off by Otomo, he stands up and looks around him. We are given a normal shot of the base, but the screen moves in time with RoboCop's head movements. Surely this shot should have been the 'lined' picture that RoboCop has for his POV shots, and not the normal camera view we were given.


Revealing mistake: When Otomo strikes his sword at the gas station sign, it shows him slicing at the base where the metal ring is. The slice is then shown several feet above the metal ring.

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Revealing mistake: When RoboCop is covered in flames at the start he walks through a window. Watch carefully, it actually shatters before he walks into it. (00:21:21)


Revealing mistake: When RoboCop storms out of the underground base to the police station, we cut to a scene in the police department. If you watch really closely, nobody actually moves in this scene for about three quarters of a second after the scene starts. People to look out for include the police officer on the far right standing beside a woman in a orange top, (only really noticible in the widescreen version), and the people behind their desks in the background. They are all still or posing, which is amusing to see before they all suddenly come to life. (01:02:14)


Plot hole: The opaque red lined map that Otomo retrieves from his first fight is ridiculous. Why would people who know where the hidden base is be carrying around a map on them (which shows a route so basic that they'd have to be brain-dead not to be able to remember it anyway) just so that conveniently one of their enemies can get it?


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Seitz: Sir, what about our friend Coontz?
Paul McDaggett: Well, if we'd let him live, we'd have to have paid him.

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Trivia: At least two of the characters in RoboCop 3 are based on Frank Miller's, (the film's screenwriter), own comic-book creations. 'Otomo' the cyborg samurai, pays homage to his "Ronin" comic about a masterless samurai whose spirit is reanimated with futuristic biotechnology. 'Bertha Washington', CCH Pounder's freedom fighter in the film, is a reference to Martha Washington, the freedom fighter from Miller's "Give Me Liberty."


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Answer: There was a time conflict. Weller was filming another movie (Naked Lunch) at the same time RoboCop 3 was scheduled for production.

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