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Corrected entry: In the first part of the movie, the OCP board members are discussing talking about how they have 3 days to clear out the neighbourhood, before their loans are called in and the project is scrapped. This would have been a closed door meeting and it's details would have been kept secret: Yet Bertha tells the rebels later in the movie - and indeed the entire police force works towards this during the battle at the end - that they only have to hold out for 3 days. She would not have this information, resulting in the rebels not having any clear goal to work towards.


Correction: The details of the transaction, including the deadline, would be available to the public as are the details any land property sale in the U.S. What OCP intends to do about it, however, would be a matter for "closed doors", and neither the rebels nor the police display any awareness of OCP's specific plans in that regard.

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Corrected entry: RoboCop kills two rehabs and they fall through the motel window. Nobody in the motel seems concerned though; not even the owner, who has had his window destroyed and now has two dead bodies lying in the entrance hall. (01:06:03)

Correction: Everyone knows how Robocop deals with 'scum', and the Rehabs are not loved by anyone. It's violent in the Robocop universe, this is not unusual.


Corrected entry: When RoboCop gets kicked to the ground by Otomo in the underground base, we see a shot of him looking around before he takes out his gun. During the long shot of him looking around, you can see his gun already lying on the ground, yet he hasn't taken it out of his leg yet.


Correction: The gun lying on the floor is Robocop's combined rifle/flamethrower attachment. When Robocop first enters, you clearly see him drop it on the floor, and there it remains until he uses it.


Corrected entry: Dr. Lazarus refers to the flight pack as having a command system that can be controlled by RoboCop's hard drive... so where is the hard drive? With existing internal diagrams that fans of the franchise have seen, including myself, there are no records of any hard drive in RoboCop's system what-so-ever.


Correction: This is only an inconsistency with the diagrams supplied to the fans, not a mistake within the movie itself.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Lazarus sees RoboCop she asks him for a system status report. He replies that his organics are intact and his efficency is 23%. Then Lazarus comments that it looks like RoboCop has a problem with his heart. If his organics are intact, why should she think this? There are marks on the left side of RoboCop's chestplate, which may have made her think this, but if she really is a doctor, she should know that the heart is actually in the middle of the chest behind the ribcage.


Correction: When Dr Lazarus is handed the "replacement" heart, she complains that she wanted a Jensen (the brand advertised in RC 1). It is not an organic unit, and therefore may not be placed biologically precisely.

Corrected entry: When RoboCop is damaged, he only needs 3 people and a little girl to carry him, yet in RoboCop 2 it took 8 men to carry him. Did RoboCop lose weight? (00:41:01)


Correction: In Robocop 2, the 8 police officers have to hold Robocop with their jackets because he is hot from just being electrocuted, making it harder to carry him than if they were carrying him with their bare hands.

Corrected entry: In this film, RoboCop can't open fire on the rehabs or McDaggett as they are employees of OCP. Yet he was perfectly able to beat up Officer Duffy, an employee of OCP, in RoboCop 2.


Correction: While he cannot fire, the directive probably doesn't apply to him using his fists to assault Officer Duffy. Or maybe the directive doesn't apply to Detriot Police Officers...

Corrected entry: When RoboCop looks at the computer in the police station, he views a file of all the suspected homeless people who are trying to avoid OCP. Later, he meets Nikko, and then discovers that her parents are dead, recalling their pictures on the computer screen. But how did he know that they were Nikko's parents? He had never seen or met them before. They could have been anybody.


Correction: It's possible that the files could've listed Nikko as a child or next of kin. While it might've not been apparent on the screen, there could've been subfolders or dossiers of them that Robocop could've accessed or downloaded without it being apparent.

Corrected entry: In RoboCop 2 the female technical assistant could not remove one of RoboCop's directives using Robochamber equipment, saying, "Can't be done, not with this equipment...". Yet in this film, Marie is able to delete one of RoboCop's directives using machines she stole from the Robochamber.

Correction: Perhaps technology has evolved somewhat in this film from the last, especially in a robotics centre.

Corrected entry: I wasn't aware that traffic lights can be remote controlled so easily. How do the rebels control them, infra red, bluetooth, telepathy - perhaps wishful thinking?. Traffic lights are operated by underground wiring and can't be easily tapped into, or over-ridden by a remote.


Correction: Emergency Cars today use MIRT (mobile infrared transmitter) that allows them to turn red lights into "green" to allow them to pass intersections. This is done via a device that is mounted on the car and sends a signal to a device mounted on the signal pole, which looks like a small camera. The film oddly foreshadows a problem now facing many US metropolitain and cities, as people now gain access to these devices and try to beat the red light. See:

Continuity mistake: When the two Ninja robots fight, the robot on the left loses his head before the blade strikes.

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Splatterpunk #1: Clock it, Jack. Megazone invasion.
Splatterpunk #2: Pop a tranq, hypo-head. Splatterville's ours. Shoot him in the mouth, splatterbrain.
Splatterpunk #1: Cyborg eats bullets, Jack.
Splatterpunk #2: Not tonight, he don't.

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Trivia: At least two of the characters in RoboCop 3 are based on Frank Miller's, (the film's screenwriter), own comic-book creations. 'Otomo' the cyborg samurai, pays homage to his "Ronin" comic about a masterless samurai whose spirit is reanimated with futuristic biotechnology. 'Bertha Washington', CCH Pounder's freedom fighter in the film, is a reference to Martha Washington, the freedom fighter from Miller's "Give Me Liberty."


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Question: Is there any reason why this film was toned down so much in comparison to the previous two films? Much of this film played like a Saturday-morning-cartoon, and less like the gritty and violent predecessors. Just curious as to why this radical (and unnecessary) change was made.

Answer: They wanted to make the film approachable to a broader age group. Kids were into Robocop, even though the movies weren't necessarily "kid friendly", so they made the third movie one that parents wouldn't mind their kids seeing in an effort to get more sales.

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