Robocop 3

Continuity mistake: When the two Ninja robots fight, the robot on the left loses his head before the blade strikes.

Continuity mistake: When RoboCop chases the van in the pimp's car, there is a view of the car driving without a roof, yet the roof is only blasted off in the next shot, after which we see the now roof-less car again.

Continuity mistake: Niko would easily have been burned by RoboCop's flight pack when she was hanging off it at the end. It isn't that big and Niko's legs would easily have gone down and past the flame holes. (01:31:33)


Continuity mistake: When Otomo cuts off RoboCop's hand, RoboCop easily places his attachment in place of it and continues fighting. But his arm needed to be screwed off, and Otomo made a clean cut, so surely there would be bits of metal, plastic and wires that would have needed moving before RoboCop could put his attachment on?


Continuity mistake: Why are there bullet holes all over McDaggett's van when RoboCop is shooting at him? RoboCop has an advanced tracking system, so he never misses. All of his shots should have hit McDaggett, and only 1 or 2 appear to hit him on his bullet proof helmet.


Continuity mistake: Why did RoboCop shoot a hole in the roof of the car at the beginning of the film? Sure it looks flashy and cool, but it is a car, and it has a door. There was nothing stopping him from opening the car door and shooting the Splatterpunks. It actually would have been quicker for him too.


Continuity mistake: When RoboCop goes back to the underground base, there is a wide shot of him looking around him, and there is nothing on the floor. RoboCop takes 4 steps infront of him and we are then shown a map right at his feet. It wasn't there a second ago. (01:20:13)


Continuity mistake: RoboCop is fast enough to catch a bullet at the start of the film, yet he is not fast enough to avoid obviously coming attacks from a group or street thugs and some ninja robots throughout the film.


Continuity mistake: A blatant mistake if there ever was one. The rebel who is guarding the underground base whacks Otomo with a metal pole on the right hand side of his face, yet when he stands up, his mouth is dislocated to the right, instead of the left. How is that possible?


Continuity mistake: At the start of the film, when we first see Bertha she is being pushed around by a rehab, and she eventually falls to the ground. She then places a small bomb on a crane she lands beside, and the bomb is pointing to the left. When she gets up and moves away, we go back to the bomb at it is now pointing to the right. Whats also interesting to note is the fact that the rehab doesn't notice Bertha take the bomb out or place it on the crane. Surely if you're standing right behind someone who is on the ground, and you are watching their every move, surely them taking an electronic device out and placing it on an object almost infront of them would draw your attention?


Continuity mistake: When RoboCop gets hit by the grenade launcher outside the church he flies backwards and suffers heavy damage. Yet, later in the film, he sets fire to a huge pile of explosives right beside him, and they have no effect on him whatsoever, even though they do manage to send a rehab several feet in the air and he is nowhere near the explosives. Surely RoboCop should have been damaged slightly or have even moved when the explosives went off.


Continuity mistake: Right before Lewis gets shot to death, there is already a gun wound on her arm.

Continuity mistake: In RoboCop 2, RoboCop gets his hand shot off and he carries on fine. In this film, he gets his hand cut off and suffers a major power drain. What a weakling he has become...


Continuity mistake: Anyone else ever notice that in all three of the films, the name of the station that RoboCop works out of is always different? I'm sure these aren't in order, but, it's been called Metro West, Metro South, and Metro North. Sure, they may circulate him through the city, but, all the same cops always seem to follow him. Detroit needs to find somewhere to put excess cash if they have that much to blow on relocation for an entire precinct.

Continuity mistake: RoboCop storms out of the underground base taking with him his hand attachment, but when he arrives at the police station he has the hand attachment on. A few scenes later he arrives at McDaggetts hotel, and now does not have the hand attachment on, and is back to using his normal gun. Then, when he returns to the underground base, he still is using his normal hand and drops the hand attachment on the ground. So in between all these scenes, where was he keeping his hand and the attachment? He was on foot all the time, and he obviously wasn't carrying them both...


Continuity mistake: When Robocop is rebooting after being repaired, he is imaging going through a wormhole of sorts. He sees his wife there. Then, his wife morphs into Lewis. Then, it morphs into Lazarus. However, the mole near Jill Hennessy's mouth is on the wrong side in that shot.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, while the Rehabs recruit gang members and the punks are struggling with the cops and deputized citizens, the sun changes in several shots.


Continuity mistake: RoboCop bends down to pick up the map at his feet, and he does so by scooping his hand underneath it and lifting it with his thumb and index finger, as it is lying flat on the ground. Yet when the camera angle changes to show RoboCop correcting his posture, the map is now rolled up and he is holding it in his hand, which is now in a fist position. (01:20:22)


Plot hole: The opaque red lined map that Otomo retrieves from his first fight is ridiculous. Why would people who know where the hidden base is be carrying around a map on them (which shows a route so basic that they'd have to be brain-dead not to be able to remember it anyway) just so that conveniently one of their enemies can get it?


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Seitz: Sir, what about our friend Coontz?
Paul McDaggett: Well, if we'd let him live, we'd have to have paid him.

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Trivia: This film was actually made in 1991, but wasn't released until 1993. Production had already started on this film before RoboCop 2 was released in the cinemas.


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Question: Is there any reason why this film was toned down so much in comparison to the previous two films? Much of this film played like a Saturday-morning-cartoon, and less like the gritty and violent predecessors. Just curious as to why this radical (and unnecessary) change was made.

Answer: They wanted to make the film approachable to a broader age group. Kids were into Robocop, even though the movies weren't necessarily "kid friendly", so they made the third movie one that parents wouldn't mind their kids seeing in an effort to get more sales.

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