Robocop 3

Plot hole: The opaque red lined map that Otomo retrieves from his first fight is ridiculous. Why would people who know where the hidden base is be carrying around a map on them (which shows a route so basic that they'd have to be brain-dead not to be able to remember it anyway) just so that conveniently one of their enemies can get it?


Plot hole: At the end of the film, the Rehabs recruit gang members and give them all kinds of guns from shotguns, handguns, and automatic weapons. The cops and deputized citizens have similiar weapons. But for all the shooting, not one gang member is hit and only one citizen appears to be shot (aside from the three blown off the building roof by the Rehab tank.) I don't think anyone has any bullets.


Plot hole: When the elevator door sticks, he pushes the thick metal doors outward as though they were made of tinfoil. But when he reaches the room, he shoots out a silhouette in a flimsy wooden door to get in. How stupid. Total waste of ammunition and spoils the surprise factor.


Plot hole: What was the point of leaving the three men to guard the abandoned base? They would have stood no chance against any search patrol and would have simply given the Rehabs the map to the real base (on one of the three men). And why did the man even have that transparency with the red path, when he had no map to use it with? It was useless to him without a map, and only would have been a liability if he had been killed.


Plot hole: Robocop shoots the gun out of the rehab's hand in the motel whilst looking for McDaggett. Seeing as he's not far from McDaggett's room, surely McDaggett would have heard the gunshots and would have gone to investigate, rather then just sit on the bed and chat. (01:06:50)


Plot hole: It seems strange that RoboCop carries Marie out of the building in his arms, and lets Niko, a little girl, hang onto the back of him. When he is flying, it would have took an awful amount of strength to hang onto him, when he is travelling so fast and high in the air. (01:31:33)


Plot hole: Marie and Nikko show up with a huge police van, and lots of computer equipment. Are we to believe that they stole these items from a busy police station and no-one noticed? How did they get all those heavy computers and machines loaded into the van by themselves? Did the police not notice one of their SWAT vans missing either?


Plot hole: Just because Niko is a fan of RoboCop doesn't mean she can hack an ED-209. Where would she get the model diagrams of an ED-209 to be able to find where he can be controlled from? Even during this scene, ED lifts the leg that Niko is working on and there's no sight of her.


Plot hole: When Bertha and the gang enter the Police Ordnance depot, they find an ED-209 waiting for them. It threatens to shoot them, but instead of running, they just stand there. They didn't know the girl was some kind of computer nerd that could reprogram ED-209, but for nearly 20 seconds, they just stand there.


Continuity mistake: Many of the splatterpunks Robocop kills in the beginning of the film show up later in the street battle.

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Johnson: That's the fourth one this month.
Fleck: Chicken shit! I'd eat a bullet, myself. Less showy.

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Trivia: This film was actually made in 1991, but wasn't released until 1993. Production had already started on this film before RoboCop 2 was released in the cinemas.

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Question: Is there any reason why this film was toned down so much in comparison to the previous two films? Much of this film played like a Saturday-morning-cartoon, and less like the gritty and violent predecessors. Just curious as to why this radical (and unnecessary) change was made.

Answer: They wanted to make the film approachable to a broader age group. Kids were into Robocop, even though the movies weren't necessarily "kid friendly", so they made the third movie one that parents wouldn't mind their kids seeing in an effort to get more sales.

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