Best action movie mistakes of 2018

Den of Thieves picture

Continuity mistake: During the 1st armored truck hijack they rip out part of the front windshield. While driving the truck to the hideout you see both windshields intact.

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Movie Medic
Black Panther picture

New this month Continuity mistake: When Klaue is being rescued by Erik, the amount of blood from his face wound changes between shots.

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12 Strong picture

New this month Continuity mistake: When the soldiers arrive at the Alamo, the soldier with the glasses is reading a book with a white cover. In the next shot, he is reading one with a red cover.

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Death Wish picture

New this month Factual error: No way Kersey leaves the gun shop same day with a full auto AR-15. It would take boatloads of paperwork, waiting, and registration with the federal government. He could have bought a conventional semi-auto AR-15 much more easily.

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Game Night picture

New this week Plot hole: Gary the cop shouldn't be alive. The second lot of 2 gangsters who turn up on the bridge and shoot him from behind (quite significantly - he splats everywhere) must be real gangsters with real guns and real bullets, not paid actor plants because we hear later the witness protection details are real (Brooks sold them) and they have access to a huge private jet plane (not possible to hire on a policeman's salary if it was all just staged).

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