Hunter Killer

Factual error: When the order is given to activate the US Navy 6th Fleet, the warships are shown with their crews standing on deck in their white uniforms like when a naval vessel comes into port. (01:33:00)


Factual error: The helos bringing in the President were HH-65 Dolphins (used by U.S. Coast Guard) they should have been Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka. Also the side of the helo would have said военно-морской флот and not NAVY. (00:17:25)

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Factual error: Glass gives the order to "submerge the ship." Submarines are always referred to as boats by their crew.

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Captain Joe Glass: I know you speak English.
Captain Andropov: Fuck you.
Captain Joe Glass: Well... that's a start.

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