New this month Factual error: Will Sawyer puts his wife and son in an elevator - he is going to cut the cable that would put them in a free fall traveling through the floors that are on fire. He instructs her to pull or activate the brake (or magnets in this hi-tech elevator) allowing them to escape the burning building. Given that they are above the 90th floor the acceleration of the free falling elevator would create a force so great that it would essentially push them to the ceiling, which would put this lever completely out of reach.


Plot hole: Spoiler alert! The entire plot hinges on the villain's gang obtaining the tablet that allows admin access to the building's systems. However, it can only be unlocked via facial recognition and it is keyed only to Will Sawyer's face. In fact, when they finally do get it, Xia unlocks it by holding it up to Sawyer's face. So what was the point of trying to steal the backpack containing the tablet? Without Will to unlock it, the tablet is useless.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Other mistake: A police helicopter nearly crashes and has to veer away because of the superheated air around the building when only a few floors are on fire, but Will Sawyer and everyone else can function normally when half the building is ablaze. In fact, everyone barely breaks a sweat despite being surrounded by flames.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Plot hole: Will Sawyer climbs the framework of a construction crane to get above the fire on the 96th floor. Even without a prosthetic leg, it would have taken a very long time, which isn't accounted for in the time flow of events.

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New this month Suggested correction: The crane was on the top of the building, where Will arrived via elevator. He only climbed 10-15 floors up, not 96.

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