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Will Sawyer: If you can't fix it with duct tape... you ain't using enough duct tape. (00:52:50)


Zhao Long Ji: Welcome to Heaven, Mr. Sawyer. (00:15:50)

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Will Sawyer: I know you're hurtin', brother.
Ben: I'm not your brother.

Zhao Long Ji: Welcome to Heaven.

Will Sawyer: I love you.
Sarah Sawyer: You'd better.

Will Sawyer: There's one thing you should know first... I'm behind you. (01:25:00)

Ben: Nothing says welcome to my penthouse panic room like ten inches of military grade super alloy. Ready to meet Oz? (00:11:15)

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Continuity mistake: The small bandage on Will's left arm changes size through the film.

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Trivia: When Will is fighting Ben he smashes him against a table and the floor using the "rock bottom", his signature move from the Rock's wrestling days.

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