Den of Thieves

Other mistake: Why did Merrimen have to show Donnie how to use a M4? Earlier in the movie it was stated that Donnie was in the Marines for a short time.

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Suggested correction: Only Big Nick and the other cops knew Donnie had served. They had his records pulled up. Donnie never told the other crew so he could look inexperienced enough to not run the whole show. It made it easier to double cross both sides later. Donnie played the fool to get the upper hand.

50 cent told Merrimen "he was a marine for a minute" also Donnie has an Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo (Marine Corps).

Other mistake: In the ending shoot out, Gerald Butler looks over cars with his rifle and the magazine is missing in one of the shots.

Other mistake: At the gun range, Merrimen is shooting very rapidly, heard by Nick and seen by us at times. Two problems with the scene - Merrimen fires in 6 clusters - 5 shots, then 9, 8, 8, 8, and 9 again. But he reloads between each cluster, and we see his slide lock back after the 8th shot at times, so how's he getting 9 rounds off sometimes? Plus we see the target he was shooting, with a close group dead center, but there aren't 47 bullet holes, nor larger holes where two bullets hit close together.

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Other mistake: When they are back in the office after leaving the crime scene, Big Nick asks when was the last time "Merrimen" paroled, and they tell him 8 months. Then he asks what about that Wilson kid (Donnie) we put a tail that was hanging out with "Merrimen." I thought he didn't know Merrimen was out?

Other mistake: In the ending shoot out, Gerald Butler looks over cars with his rifle and the magazine is missing in one of the shots.

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Trivia: The black body armor that Gerard Butler wears in this movie actually has a patch on it next to the word Sheriff that says "fuck you". (02:13:45)

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Question: Early on we see the crooks put wet cash in a microwave, presumably to dry it. Would that work? I just assume you'd end up with hot wet cash - I would have thought an oven or hairdryer or something would be a better bet.

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Answer: Considering how microwave ovens work, it seems it would. Microwaves work by bombarding whatever is inside with actual 'microwaves' which works to excite the water molecules within. Paper, and in the case of cash, cotton, wouldn't be effected on its own but the water inside would be. Ever had something wrapped in a paper towel when you microwave it? The cash is not metal, and the water content is what gets heated up inside and evaporated, so I believe it would work.

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Answer: There are videos of people drying money in microwaves, but it was a single layer of bills. But it can be tricky because, like wet clothes, it can catch on fire in the microwave if let in too long.


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