Factual error: During the plane ride into France, the Paratroopers are holding/carrying their weapons by their sides. In reality, their weapons (M1 Garands, B.A.R.s, etc.) would be carried in special "bags" strapped to their parachute harness. This not only protected their weapons, but also secured them to their person.


Factual error: There were no black paratroopers on D-Day or in the 101st, nor were white and blacks serving in the same unit.

Factual error: Paratroopers were not issued Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.Rs).

Factual error: Private Boyce fires 10 rounds from his M1 Garand at the German officer. The M1 Garand or M1 Rifle holds a maximum of 8 rounds.


Continuity mistake: Just before the Paratroopers are about to make the jump on D-Day, they hook up their static lines, including Boyce. When Boyce is pushed out of the aircraft by Ford, his static line is stuffed to the back of his parachute.


Factual error: During the plane, pre-drop scenes, the paratroopers are wearing their Airborne chinstraps. Which is a chin cup, used in addition to the stand M1 Helmet chinstrap to keep the helmet secure during jumps. The one in the film is made of cotton, canvas; most during World War II would be made of leather. The cotton ones are either late war or perhaps post-war issue.


Factual error: During the jump, Boyce lands in a flooded field. In reality, he and his fellow Paratroopers should be wearing Life Preservers in the event of a water landing (called B5 "Mae Wests"). but none of them are.


Other mistake: When Boyce and Ford are watching Chloe and the Nazi officer through the floorboards, the former are in the attic, the latter downstairs in the living room. Surely looking through the attic floorboards would only allow a view into one of the bedrooms. How then do Boyce and Ford manage to see down into the living room?

Boyce: Three months ago, I was cutting grass on my front yard. The mailman shows up with a letter from the army. Now I'm here, and no idea where I'm going to end up.

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