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Bad Moms picture

Carla: Hey, Jaxon. I made you lunch today. It's some humus wrap with some kale.
Jaxon: Gross.
Carla: Yeah, I know, it sounds totally disgusting, but it's supposed to be good for you, so... And I'm gonna come to your baseball game tomorrow night.
Jaxon: For real?
Carla: I'm gonna stay the whole stupid game. Mmm-hmm. Because... I love you, and stuff. Still cannot believe I pushed that thing outta my chooch.

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Elle picture

Robert: What did you do?
Michèle Leblanc: I stopped lying.

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Batman: The Killing Joke picture

Barbara Gordon: I saw that abyss you spoke about... very scary, but so tempting. I don't know how you resist it. I don't think it's humanly possible after a while. Be careful.

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The Exception picture

Kaiser Wilhelm II: I'm ashamed to say that before and after my first marriage I, myself, fathered at least two illegitimate children: one with an Austrian countess, another with a French prostitute who was known in court circles as Madame L'Amour. Both of them, incidentally, blackmailed me for huge sums of money, the Countess and the prostitute. I expected better of the prostitute.

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Better Watch Out picture

Deandra Lerner: Now don't stay up late and watch scary movies, okay? It'll give you nightmares again.

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Gods of Egypt picture

Bek: You really watched the world come into being?
Thoth: I don't lie.
Bek: Where were you watching it from, if nothing had been created yet?
Thoth: If I even attempted to explain, your brain would liquefy and run out of your ears.

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God's Not Dead 2 picture

Walter Wesley: That's the thing about atheism. It doesn't take away the pain... just takes away the hope.

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Storks picture

Junior: Orphan Tulip?
Tulip: Tulip is just fine, Orphan hurts my heart.

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Office Christmas Party picture

Carol Vanstone: Get me on any god damn plane, all right? I have enough miles to orbit the sun.
Airline Concierge: I'm sorry, ma'am. All flights are grounded until the snow clears. There's nothing more I can do.
Carol Vanstone: Well, refer me to someone who can do something.
Airline Concierge: That would be God, ma'am.

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The Great Wall picture

Commander Lin Mae: I set you free.
William: And here I am.

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I'm Not Ashamed picture

Rachel Joy Scott: I'm going to make a difference in the world.

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Dad's Army picture

Reverend Timothy Farthing: The morris dancers have booked the hall for one o'clock. I do hope you're not going to run over.
George Mainwaring: There is a war on you know, Vicar. If we're not finished, they'll just have to prance about outside.

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10 Cloverfield Lane picture

Howard: Crazy is building your ark after the flood has already come.

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Miracles from Heaven picture

Doctor: Other than the possibility of a slight concussion, your daughter has no broken bones, complete movement of all her limbs. There's no internal bleeding, no indication of bruising. In fact, after hitting the ground skull first with dirt packed to the top of her head, she regained consciousness, woke up with a smile on her face. Oh, my God. Quite frankly, I've been a doctor for 25 years. Never seen anything like it.

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The Purge: Election Year picture

Schoolgirl #1 Freakbride: Happy Purge, you old fuck.

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Ouija: Origin of Evil picture

Lina Zander: Doris! Are you there? Are you there?
Doris Zander: Yes.

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Jackie picture

The Priest: There comes a time in man's search for meaning when he realises that there are no answers. And when you come to the horrible and unavoidable realization, you accept it or you kill yourself. Or you simply stop searching.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe picture

Tommy: This amount of lung damage, though, I'd expect the body to be covered in third degree burns. It's like finding a bullet in a brain, but with no gunshot wound.

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Don't Breathe picture

The Blind Man: There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god.

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Sully picture

Sully: Everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time.

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