Gods of Egypt
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Thoth: Ha, I have it, it's mystery it's essence it's truth.
Horus: It's lettuce.

Hathor: I am the goddess of too much.

Ra: Every night the battle between chaos and creation must go on, otherwise the world will be destroyed. For you see, there are worse things than Set.
Horus: That's not true! He killed my father, your son.
Ra: They are both my sons! I favored them equally.

Set: Did you miss me?
Hathor: I have to miss you, I'm your prisoner.

Set: I don't want to die, I want to live! I want to live down on earth, amongst the lands I have conquered.

Ra: Egypt has always been a paradise. But now, there is chaos. God of the air, you must protect the mortals.
Horus: I don't know if I'm strong enough.
Ra: Then become stronger.

Bek: You really watched the world come into being?
Thoth: I don't lie.
Bek: Where were you watching it from, if nothing had been created yet?
Thoth: If I even attempted to explain, your brain would liquefy and run out of your ears.

Urshu: No one has ever so honored the great God Ra. He will pass over it's peak and marvel at the tribute you have built in his name.
Set: Is that it?
Urshu: I'm sorry?
Set: Well, can you make it any taller?
Urshu: T-Taller?
Set: Yes, it's a simple question.
Urshu: Well, that might be difficult, um, now, I mean.
Set: Relax, Urshu, I'm joking.
Urshu: Hah, hah, hah, hahaha.

Bek: It's fine. I'll do it.
Thoth: I thought you were a stray baboon.
Bek: I told you I'd be the one to face the Sphinx.
Thoth: Your chance of failure is overwhelming.
Bek: I'm sure. But before it kills me, I'm going to tell it that I asked the God of Wisdom to come but he was afraid he'd get the answer wrong.
Thoth: This is the cleverest strategy you could devise? Playing on my ego? How vain do you think I am? Yes, well... Fine. Fine! Let's go.

Gods of Egypt mistake picture

Continuity mistake: This is after the minotaurs have found Horus and Bek. As Horus is fighting the second to last minotaur, he breaks off both of its horns. In the next shot, only one horn is broken. (00:52:30)


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