Gods of Egypt
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Continuity mistake: This is after the minotaurs have found Horus and Bek. As Horus is fighting the second to last minotaur, he breaks off both of its horns. In the next shot, only one horn is broken. (00:52:30)


Other mistake: When they are walking through the water, how can a giant and a normal size human have the water at the same level? It's just about knee high on the both of them.

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Urshu: No one has ever so honored the great God Ra. He will pass over it's peak and marvel at the tribute you have built in his name.
Set: Is that it?
Urshu: I'm sorry?
Set: Well, can you make it any taller?
Urshu: T-Taller?
Set: Yes, it's a simple question.
Urshu: Well, that might be difficult, um, now, I mean.
Set: Relax, Urshu, I'm joking.
Urshu: Hah, hah, hah, hahaha.

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