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Shut In picture

Stephen: You're replacing me.
Mary: No one could ever replace you. I promise. Please, just put the ax down, and we can talk about this.

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The Edge of Seventeen picture

Nadine: What the... why is that baby in your house?
Mr. Bruner: Oh shit! How the hell that thing get in here?

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A Monster Calls picture

The Monster: Stories are wild animals... if you let them loose, who knows what havoc they may wreak.

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Assassin's Creed picture

Dr. Sophia Rikkin: You're not a prisoner here, Callum. I'm here to protect you.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople picture

Hec: Me and this fat kid / We ran we ate and read books / And it was the best.

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Collateral Beauty picture

Howard: Death came first. She met me in the dog park.
Madeline: Oh, so Death is a "her?"
Howard: Uh, yeah. It turns out Death is an elderly white woman.

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Live by Night picture

Thomas Coughlin: People don't fix each other, Joseph. And they never become anything but what they've always been.

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Patriots Day picture

Police Officer: They got fucking bombs, Sarge. They're shooting at us.
Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese: Yeah, no shit.

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Split picture

The Beast: Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world! They are asleep.

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Gold picture

Kenny Wells: You see these hands? These are my fathers hands. I'll bury you with these hands.

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Moonlight picture

Juan: At some point you've got to decide who wanna be. Can't let nobody make that decision for you.

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The Founder picture

Mac McDonald: This is not your company, Ray.

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Miss Sloane picture

George Dupont: Let's see how well-covered her ass really is.

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Free Fire picture

Vernon: Check out the merch.
Justine: That's not what he ordered.
Vernon: Fuck me.
Chris: He ordered M-16's. Different weapon.
Vernon: I'm not driving a fucking pizza delivery service.
Martin: Keep your shit together.
Vernon: You want the weapons? Or you don't want the weapons?

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Silence picture

Rodrigues: Insult me all you like but give me more courage.

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Their Finest picture

Catrin Cole: Anything else?
Tom Buckley: Since you're so keen to flex your femininity, you can tidy up.

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Spectral picture

Clyne: I think you're reaching.
Fran Madison: Our business requires us to make suppositions.
Clyne: My business requires us to prove them. Your technician's job is to find glitches, so, he sees glitches. Your job is to find the enemy, so, you see the enemy. Locals believe in spirits, so they see spirits. Everyone is biased in one way or another. So, my answer to you right now is that we lack data to support any theory.

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Bleed for This picture

Kevin Rooney: Vinny, we started this in a basement. In a fucking basement! Now, go out there and show me how you do things. Show me how you live. Show me how you fight.
Vinny Pazienza: Want me to show you how I fight?
Kevin Rooney: Yeah. Show me who the fuck you are.

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The Limehouse Golem picture

Lizzie Cree: The line between comedy and tragedy is a fine one.

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How to Be Single picture

Robin: If you use an emoji, I will tit punch you.

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