Central Intelligence

Continuity mistake: After the bar fight scene in the beginning of the movie, they approach Robbie's Kawasaki 800 motorcycle parked in front of the bar on the street. In the shot there are no helmets around, on, or near the motorcycle, but when they ride away they are both wearing helmets. (00:22:05)


Revealing mistake: They jump out the office building and the CIA is shooting at the tan Ford Explorer. When the bullets hit the drivers door and other parts they are not making any marks/bullet holes, you can see they are fireworks and not bullets.


Continuity mistake: When Robbie and Calvin are transported to a CIA "undisclosed location" in the surveillance room where Calvin is, the clock time is 4:42. In the interrogation room where Robbie is, the time is 7:42.


Continuity mistake: After they jump out the window of the office building they get in a tan Ford Explorer. There are 4 bullet holes in the left front fender when the explorer is being driven through traffic. When they make a right turn into the warehouse, the bullet holes are gone.


Continuity mistake: After escaping from the office, the Rock is under the car up to his fanny pack, then in another shot his legs are almost totally under. Then back and forth a couple of times.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Hart spills his coffee on the ground off the scanner, the next shot the trash can is moved back and there is no spill. (00:03:00)

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