Zoolander 2

Continuity mistake: When Mugatu is holding the bomb, the bomb constantly switches from his right hand to his left hand throughout the scene.

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: Penelope Cruz's mole switches sides several times during the film. (00:04:03 - 00:57:55)

Continuity mistake: When Justin Bieber takes out his phone after being shot, the time on the phone is displayed as 1:48AM, but seconds later, when the camera pans down on the phone before the scene ends, the time displayed on the phone is now 1:51AM. Three minutes did not pass during this time.

Casual Person

Derek Zoolander: I'm sorry, I can't understand a word that you're saying.

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Question: Does anyone remember the name of the Italian orphanage where Derek Jr. lived?

Answer: Picollo Cletusi.

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