Best movie character mistakes of 2015

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The Martian picture

Character mistake: In a scene when Watney is recording his video log, he imagines what would happen if his pressurized shelter suddenly would break. He concludes that he would implode, but the correct wording would be explode.

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Sicario picture

Character mistake: After Macer shoots the shotgun man during the house raid, she checks his pulse without removing the weapon from his hands first.

Movie Medic
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The Man from U.N.C.L.E. picture

Character mistake: When Gaby's car becomes wedged between two buildings, she says, "Good plan. All we have to do is get over two twenty-foot walls and a minefield." While minimal backstory is given, I think it reasonable to assume that she has lived in what was East Germany all her life. It is thus highly unlikely that she would express a measurement in English units (being bilingual doesn't mean you automatically convert measurements). She would have said something like "six meters."

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Jurassic World picture

Character mistake: When Claire and Lowery look at the gyrosphere in red on the control panel, written above the gyrostation is "Return Request Disbhatched." Dispatched is misspelled. (00:55:20)

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials picture

Character mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Newt and Minho and Frypan and others are all being checked by WCKD's scanners to identify the subjects. Minho is called subject A4 when he is really subject A7, subject A4 is Chuck. Newt is also called subject A6 when he really is subject A5, Subject A6 is ALBY.

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Taken 3 picture

Character mistake: When Dotzler is giving one of his first meetings when trying to catch Brian in the police station, the LAPD signs behind him are misspelled "Departement."

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Jupiter Ascending picture

Character mistake: The poster on the wall near the start reads "Our Egg Donor's [sic.] are helping to fulfill the dreams of women across America." There is an unnecessary apostrophe in the word "Donor's." (00:10:05)

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Self/less pictureSelf/less mistake picture

Character mistake: At the truck stop, Mark (young Damian) meets with Martin. Martin tells Mark that he had the shedding pills reverse engineered and hands him a piece of paper. The percentages of the 5 ingredients only add up to 90% rather than 100%. (01:29:25)

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Creed picture

Character mistake: In the final fight at Goodison Park, the commentator says 100,000 people are in attendance. Capacity of Goodison Park is 40,000, and even allowing for people in the "pitch" area around the ring there's nowhere near space for that many, unless there was another layer of fans standing on people's shoulders.

Jon Sandys Premium member
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The 33 picture

Character mistake: The girl scores a goal in the soccer game but it does not actually go into the goal, so everyone is celebrating a miss. (00:02:00)

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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse picture

Character mistake: When the 3 boys and Rogers are trying to recruit scouts, they pledge to Rogers and Carter raises his left hand but in the next shot he has his right hand raised. (00:09:05)

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Fathers & Daughters picture

New this month Character mistake: The protagonist is reading the review of his book "Bitter Tulips." The influential literary critic publication apparently has zero proofreading, since the article says that the novel "can be described as AN failed experiment." (00:45:00)

Sammo Premium member
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The Age of Adaline picture

Character mistake: When Jenny is dead, Ellis attempts CPR on her, but his hands on her chest are far too high; they should be just up from the base of her sternum, his are nearly under her chin.

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A Walk in the Woods picture

Character mistake: When confronted by bears along the trail, Bryson identifies them as "Grizzly Bears", but the only bears that exist along the Appalachian trail are black bears. Grizzly are only in the Mountain states like Montana and Wyoming, and Alaska.

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Burnt picture

Character mistake: When writing in his ledger trying to reach 1 million oysters shucked, Adam's numbers do not add up. After 998,246 the next entry is 996,691 followed by 1 million. Did he mysteriously un-shuck 1,555 oysters?

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 picture

Character mistake: In the exchange at the train station in district 2, Katniss says how she killed Cato in the 74th games, and Cato killed Thresh and Thresh killed Clove etc However Cato didn't kill Thresh - he was attacked by the mutts and killed by them. (00:14:50)

Ssiscool Premium member
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