The Intern

The Intern (2015)

4 mistakes

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New this month Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, there is a wide shot of the group doing yoga in the park. Ben doesn't appear in this shot or he's hidden behind another person. When it pans through the close up shot, Ben is in the front and the others are now in different spots. (00:01:00 - 00:01:30)

Other mistake: When Jules helps Ben set up his Facebook account, she takes his picture etc, but when the final Facebook page is shown, the "no photo" icon is on the page, not the photo that Jules took.

Continuity mistake: When Anne Hathaway is showing Robert De Niro how to use Facebook, she pulls her phone out of her pocket as she asks if he has a photo of himself. When the shot changes for his answer, she pulls the phone out again.

Continuity mistake: While sleeping in the bed Matt's head is in the center of pillow, but when Jules gets in the bed, in a closeup Matt's head is now on the edge of the pillow. (00:40:00)


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