Sicario (2015)

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Character mistake: Just before coming back to the U.S. at the border, Forsing takes his hand off the trigger to unlock the truck door. For anyone properly trained the trigger hand will always stay on the weapon - the forehand would be used for everything else.

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Character mistake: After Macer shoots the shotgun man during the house raid, she checks his pulse without removing the weapon from his hands first.

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Visible crew/equipment: Towards the beginning of the film we see the convoy driving to Ciudad Juárez on the highway. In the reflection of the last car one can see the Russian Arm used to film the vehicles.

Plot hole: The only reason Kate is brought onto Matt's team is to give the CIA legal authority to operate on US soil. Given that he already has DEA agents and US Marshals on the team, all of whom seem to be fully aware of what he is doing and have no problem with it, this doesn't make a great deal of sense. Her idealism makes her a poor choice for the sort of operations the team is doing, and there are already domestic US agents available.

Continuity mistake: When Alejandro shoots the man threatening the police officer, there is very little blood splatter on the open trunk. Next shots of the trunk show much more blood on it.

Factual error: The very first shot of the movie takes place in Chandler, Arizona. However, the mountains seen in the distance, over the hills, are the Sandia Mountains which are in New Mexico, near Albuquerque. (00:01:00)

Factual error: Kate is said to have been on the FBI SWAT team since day one, and therefore has never worked a case from behind a desk. However, FBI SWAT teams are composed of regular field agents who respond to tactical scenarios only as needed, and otherwise carry out normal investigative duties. Unless this is the most overworked SWAT team in history, Kate would certainly have handled at least a few cases from a non-tactical perspective.


Factual error: At the beginning when Kate enters the bedroom and is shot at, the hole made by the shotgun could only be made by slug ammunition, but you see buckshot around the hole. Buckshot at that range of about 12 to 15 ft. would not have made a center hole anywhere near that size. (00:03:20)

Factual error: At the beginning when Kate kicks in the door to the bedroom it swings the wrong way, A door for a room in that configuration would swing towards the the other wall, not giving up 3 feet of swing dead space and making for an awkward entry. (02:42:00)

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Suggested correction: Most doors open into the room they access, even small rooms.

Factual error: The lightbars seen on the Mexican Federal Police trucks in Juárez are incorrect - they show both red and blue lights to the front, but actual MFP vehicles show only reds to the front. This is very interesting considering every other detail of the MFP vehicles and uniforms is accurate.


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