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30 Rock picture

Jack: We are lovers.
Liz Lemon: That word bums me out unless it's between the words "meat" and "pizza."

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Hannah Montana picture

Miley Stewart: I can't believe it. I'm going out with a ninth grader! Wooo!
Robby Ray Stewart: Well, don't believe it, because I'm not letting you go. Wooo!

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Ugly Betty picture

Daniel Meade: I'm this close to splitting a Cobb salad with Sarah Jessica Parker and talking about shoes.

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Death Note picture

Kyosuke Higuchi: Shit! He won't die.

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Psych picture

Burton 'Gus' Guster: Wasn't Howie the victim at one point?
Shawn Spencer: Gus, that is so forty minutes ago. I bet you're still telling your friends to chillax.

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H2O picture

Rikki Chadwick: Zane Bennett is a pig. I take a chance to get under his skin any time I get one.

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Robin Hood picture

Little John: Taxes we do not like.

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Four Kings picture

Bobby: Chest.

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Shark picture

Sebastian Stark: When I want your opinion, I'll stop ice skating in hell and ask for it.

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Day Break picture

Shadow Man: Decision - consequence.

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Conviction picture

Brian Peluso: You are gorgeous, absolutely, unequivocally, unrelentingly, gorgeous. With a perfect, I repeat perfect, body.

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Professor Q: Morning Vincent! Oh what's this? Ah, History Algebration homework! Excellent... The sum of 2 rational squares is equal to men's wear artichoke-friendly most sad sandwich jelly melons?!
Vinnie: Rocket!
Rocket: Hmm... Ha maybe I bounced up the wrong book
Professor Q: Vincent, your homework is 5 watts wrong and 50 gravitons incorrect!

Kevin Bhasi
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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip picture

Matt Albie: Look, I hate Los Angeles just like everybody else, but I have to work here because in any other part of the country I'm unemployable.

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The IT Crowd picture

Roy: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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The Class picture

Kat Warbler: Penguins are cute and all. But, if you cooked one, I'd eat it.

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Eureka picture

Marshall Jack Carter: Let's not shoot the crazy end-of-the-world machine just yet.

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Heroes picture

Hiro Nakamura: Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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Friday Night Lights picture

Eric Taylor: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

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Metalocalypse picture

Dr. Rockso: My video was banned from music television, cause you could see my junk... through my jumpsuit.

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Torchwood picture

Captain Jack Harkness: Under normal circumstances, an exuberant Roman soldier would be my idea of a perfect morning.

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