Robin Hood

Total Eclipse - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: Guy of Gisbourne says to Robin Hood that he should lay down his weapons. Robin Hood throws his bow and sword on to the ground. He then gets thrown down the cliff, into the river. A few minutes later, when we get focused on him again, we see that the bow is lying in the river with him. (00:06:05 - 00:10:55)


Will You Tolerate This? - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: When Robin does his back flip off the house you can see someone standing with a blue anorak on.

Total Eclipse - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: After the eclipse Robin stands atop the castle wall speaking to the people. Over Robin's shoulder in the sky is seen a waxing gibbous moon... minutes after an eclipse.

Treasure of the Nation - S2-E11

Visible crew/equipment: The microphone is visible at the top of the screen when Guy confronts Marion back at Nottingham castle. (00:29:20)

Lars Jul Jakobsen

Lost in Translation - S3-E3

Audio problem: Near the end Robin's men all push barrels of oil over to to create a wall of fire, trapping the Sheriff and his guards inside the castle. When Robin picks up the flaming arrow he shoots it at the oil where it sticks firmly in the ground, but if you listen closely when the arrow hits the floor there is the sound of the arrow bouncing against stone - it couldn't make that noise if it hit the ground directly and stuck there.

Professor Lazarus

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