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Robin Hood (2018)

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Factual error: Dobermans were not introduced until the 1890s, let alone their ear cropping. (01:00:15)

Continuity mistake: Friar Tuck has glasses while reading a paper. In the next shot, they've disappeared completely. Not in his hands, on the desk, or on his person.


Plot hole: Robin of Locksley is going round town with his black servant John with a metal hand (the only black person in the village it would appear too). John subsequently gets arrested later for being affiliated with Robin Hood. Despite him being not only the only black person the village but also the only one with a metal hand, the sheriff of Nottingham does not realise that Robin of Locksley is Robin Hood or even question why his servant is involved in the rebellion.

Plot hole: Early in the film, Robin is wounded and he is immediately put on a boat back to England. When he arrives everyone in Nottingham thinks he died of his wounds. But how would they have heard that he was wounded when he was put on the first boat back to England?

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Suggested correction: It wasn't that wound that they heard about. If you notice, the house he was in has been left stripped and vacant for years. They were all told he was dead several years before he returned home.

Quantom X

That would make sense if the sheriff's henchmen tried to kill him so he couldn't come back, but that's not what happens. So what was the sheriff's plan?

That Robin would die in the war. Robin was meant to be away longer as well. If he hadn't been essentially kicked out for disobeying orders he would have still been in the war. Plus all the sheriff has to say is he got a report saying he died and must have been in error - not much Robin could have really done about that.

Suggested correction: When Robin was first seen in combat the caption reads 4 years later. However, when he talks to Friar Tuck, he said he's been dead for over 2yrs. In their eyes, he's been dead for half of his career as a soldier.

Character mistake: Marion tells Robin "he chose you for a reason", despite not previously knowing that Robin was The Hood. So she has no reason to know that John chose Robin.


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