H2O (2006)

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Something Fishy - S1-E5

Plot hole: When Emma gets the water bottle out of the fridge, the bottle that she touches is wet, so shouldn't this trigger her transformation?

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Something Fishy - S1-E5

Factual error: When Emma freezes the water in Elliot's shower, frozen water continues to fall on Elliot. This is not possible because Emma only froze the water Elliot was using. Water would still come out of the shower head, but ice comes out instead. Arguably, Emma could be freezing the water in the pipes, but if she did that, nothing would come out of the shower.

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A Twist in the Tail - S1-E26

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the episode, when Rikki falls over after growing her tail, she falls forward. But, in the next shot, she is lying on the ground face up.

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The Gracie Code: Part 1 - S2-E19

Other mistake: Cleo explains how Emma found Gracie's locket at the bottom of the Moon Pool. Gracie's locket is the one that Cleo wears, meaning the stone it it is blue, but in the flashback of Emma discovering the locket, the stone is red.


Rikki Chadwick: How did the test go?
Lewis McCartney: Well, according to the test, you are a seven-year-old German shepherd.
Rikki Chadwick: I was wondering when you would figure out it wasn't my real hair.

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