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The Libertine picture

Rochester: And yet you do not draw the moral of the incident.
Billy Downs: Which is?
Rochester: That any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it well.

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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights picture

Javier Suarez: It's like dancing with my mother's ironing board.

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Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! picture

Angelica: Rosalee, when great love is rejected something inside a man dies.

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Dawn of the Dead picture

CJ: What are you, a fucking doctor?
Ana: No, I'm a fucking nurse.

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Ella Enchanted picture

Ella's Mother: Look to yourself, Ella. What's inside you is stronger than any spell.

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Vera Drake picture

Det. Inspector Webster: You perform abortions, don't you?
Vera: That's not what I do dear. That's what you call it. But they need help. Who else they got to turn to? No one. I help them out.

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Johnson Family Vacation picture

Nate Johnson: Nikki, this better be FTD, cuz this Russian tail is old enough to be yo' grandaddy.
Nikki Johnson: Not mom's big daddy.

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The Woodsman picture

Walter: They think I'm crazy.
Rosen: Do you think you're crazy?
Walter: You know, talking to you is like riding on a fucking merry-go-round.
Rosen: That's a marvelous image, Walter. Because by going in circles, we find things we missed the first time around.

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Shark Tale picture

Sykes: Ernie! Bernie! I want you to find the deepest, darkest hole in the ocean, and when you do, dig deeper and put him in it.

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Finding Neverland picture

Peter Llewelyn Davies: That scepter's made of wood.
J.M. Barrie: Yes, well, we do dream on a budget here, don't we?

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Vanity Fair picture

Mrs. Sedley: I thought her a mere social climber, but now I see she's a mountineer.

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Starsky & Hutch picture

Big Earl: I'll tell you. But I need to see something first. I'm not going to lie to you, it's going to get weird. But... two dragons.

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House of Flying Daggers picture

Jin: You and I are just pawns on a chessboard.

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The Lion King 1½ picture

Uncle Max: I flinched, when I should have scurried.

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Layer Cake picture

The Duke: Don't you fucking talk to me like I'm some kind of mug. Don't you fucking talk to me like that.
XXXX: Duke, don't take this personally. It's business. Now, you want to know how much these pills are worth?
The Duke: Yes. Fucking. Please.
XXXX: Now just because you pay a fiver a pop down the local cattle market, don't, for fuck's sake, think these pills are worth millions. They're not. We've got to find someone to buy these pills and they've got to split them into parcels, of say 100,000. They've got to find these people. It's hard work.
The Duke: Oh, you'd give a fucking aspirin a headache pal.

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The Chorus picture

Clément Mathieu: Never say never. Something's always worth trying.

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Without a Paddle picture

[A big grizzly bear has just appeared from the forest and is standing right in front of Tom, Dan and Jerry.]
Dan: What are you doing?
Jerry: I'm taking off my shoes.
Dan: Why?
Jerry: Because I run faster with no shoes.
Dan: You can't outrun that bear.
Jerry: I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you.

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