D.E.B.S. (2004)


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Amy: I'm here because I feel more like me when I'm with you, than I do when I'm with me.

Mrs. Peatree: Annie,.
Madeline: Amy.
Mrs. Peatree: Amy, I think you identify with Lucy Diamond. I think she sees your pathos. You've got some dangerous union symbiosis going on - What's that movie with Jodie? And the little dog falls in the well with the lotion?
Madeline: Silence of the lambs.
Mrs. Peatree: You're the lamb, Amy.

Scud: I am the God of bingo.

Dominique: You're not as boring as I thought. But you're not as bright, either.

Mrs. Peatree: Are you kidding me? We conduct a nationwide manhunt for you and you're boning the suspect? Did you think this was a joke?"Let's divert federal resources and man hours so I can have my collegiate lesbian fling in style."
Amy: I was doing research.
Mrs. Peatree: I'll bet.

Max: Who's your best friend?
Amy: You are my best friend.
Max: And what did I say to you the very first day at the Academy?
Amy: "That's my bunk, bitch."
Max: After that.

Lucy: Well, their poster child doesn't know it yet, but she's into me.

Dominique: You need to put it here. Don't be an idiot for once.
Janet: You need to speak English or French. Frenglish is not a language.

Continuity mistake: During a discussion between Lucy and Amy about a half hour into the movie the hair on Lucy's forehead alternates between two different positions several times.

Wayne C.

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