Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights (2004)

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Factual error: One sweep through the town shows a Dodge Durango in a parking lot. The movie takes place in 1988; the first Dodge Durango was the 1998 model, ten years later.


Factual error: In one of the shots of the championship game, a player is seen wearing a shirt with an Under Armour logo on it. Under Armour came into existence in 1996, well after the 1988 championship game in question.

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Continuity mistake: The sign says it is 3rd down with 10 yards to go. Announcer says the play went for 6 yards, but the sign now reads 4th down and 8 yards to go instead of 4 yards to go.


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Other mistake: When Don and his father are driving home and Don's father throws his ring out the window, Don gets out to search for the ring and you can see wet marks on his shins from kneeling on the wet road. However, he hasn't knelt down yet. It must have been from previous takes. Also, when he gets up after kneeling down, his jeans are dry.


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Factual error: The prescription drug container is dated 12/20/03. The movie takes place in 1988.


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Continuity mistake: When Miles cleans out his locker he stuffs his "dominator" white towel in the front of his pants. A few shots later after he says "play your ass off, win state, be perfect, all that sh*t" he turns around and faces the camera. The towel is no longer there. A few shots later when he is shown going to his car the towel is once again tucked in the front of his pants.



Factual error: During the 1988 championship game, a couple of the Carter players are wearing Oakley lenses in their helmets with the new Oakley logo visible on them. The new Oakley "O" Logo wasn't in existence prior to 1998.


Factual error: The scoreboard at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene shown during the Abilene High game was inaccurate for several reasons. That particular scoreboard was not installed until somewhere around 2003, a much older and less technologically advanced one was in existence at the time of the movie. Also, there are problems with the major sponsors on the scoreboard. Both are real businesses, but the Ambassador was known as Embassy Suites until the late 1990's, and Lawrence Hall Chevrolet did not use that logo that far back.


Factual error: When the coach and his family are leaving Wal-Mart , we get to see the new color scheme for Wal-Mart stores. In the '80's Wal-Mart store signs and exteriors were painted in brown and white. This sign is blue and white with red and blue stripes down the building. This is obviously a modern Wal-Mart building.



Continuity mistake: The QB drops back on 3rd down from the 15 yard line and is sacked, probably between the 20 and 25 yard line. Following that play the sign shows that it is now 4th down with the ball on the 8 yard line.


Continuity mistake: During half time of the championship game Coach is telling the team to keep Boobie Miles in their hearts and it shows a close up of Boobie the actor and the actual real life Boobie Miles standing right next to each other, but in the very next shot they are standing much farther apart.



Factual error: In the state championship game it is 4th and inches for Carter. Permian stops the play and tackles the runner around the 37 yard line. We see this with the two "X"s on the field for kickoffs which are at the 35 and 40 yard lines. We also see the 30 yard line that he is hit at before being backed up. The announcer says 1st and 10 from the 25. That is the wrong spot for the ball.



Other mistake: In the game against Midland Lee there is a shot where the quarterback on Midland Lee is scrambling towards the sideline, if you look closely you can tell the quarterback is wearing a Riddell Revolution helmet. Riddell did not release this helmet till about the year 2000 and it is supposed to be 1988 in the movie.

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Factual error: In the Championship game, a receiver catches the ball and is immediately hit after he catches it and drops the ball. This is an incomplete pass for which the clock should stop, yet it continues to run.


Continuity mistake: In the main play of the entire game, it is supposedly starting at the 8 yard line, yet you can see the 30 yard line marker in the background as the RB gets the ball.


Continuity mistake: After the big hit on the QB in the final drive, the ball is snapped and a receiver takes off. He takes two steps and is passing the 30 yard line marker. The offensive line is in the background. A spilt second later they show a wide angle shot and the offensive line is holding its ground at the 48 yard line. This wide receiver taking off and the remainder of the play must have been shot at different times.



Continuity mistake: When the QB is standing on the 25-yard line and completes a pass to the 12-yard line, in the very next play the QB passes the ball from the 36-yard line to the 20-yard line.


Continuity mistake: When Boobie Miles (star running back) is injured, he is hit high from his left, and low from his right. You see his right knee injured (with the snapping sound) as it is extended. However, when the camera shot changes, he is grabbing his left knee, and anytime it shows him from that point on, his left knee has the brace, is being worked on, etc.


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Continuity mistake: When Boobie gets in the car after clearing out his locker the car window is very dirty and spotted, but a few seconds later the camera shows the window again and it is perfectly clean and spotless.



Continuity mistake: On Permian's last drive the announcer says they have 75 yards to go. The ball is spotted at the 27 yard line. This would only be 73 yards to go. Announcers are very meticulous about getting the correct numbers in sports in regard to distance, so it's not like they've just rounded it off.



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