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Hollywood Ending picture

Val: ...driving around his 1938 Vintage Roadster. If someone saw me in a vintage '38, they'd think I was Himmler.

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Mr. Deeds picture

Nazo, the Italian Delivery Man: Holy Shit, it's a cat.

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The Guru picture

Vijay: You have a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your belly, what more do you want?
Ramu Gupta: I want what you promised.

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In America picture

Johnny: Are you in love with her?
Mateo: No... I'm in love with you. And I'm in love with your beautiful woman. And I'm in love with your kids. And I'm even in love with your unborn child. I'm even in love with your anger! I'm in love with anything that lives.

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Full Frontal picture

Catherine: Oh, eww, this arugal is so bitter! It'l like my algebra teacher on my bread.

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40 Days and 40 Nights picture

Bagel Guy: Yeah. Fire in the hole.

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Slackers picture

Ethan: You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding picture

Harriet Miller: How are we supposed to know what's going on?
Rodney Miller: It's all Greek to me.

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You Stupid Man picture

Nadine: I read somewhere once that everything in life happens in threes. And that there are two kinds of people, the ones that think three's the charm and the ones that think in three strikes you're out.

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Blue Crush picture

Anne Marie: Just tell me what to do... please.
Matt: You want me to tell you what to do?
Anne Marie: Yes.
Matt: You know what to do.
Anne Marie: No. Matt... I don't.
Matt: Just be the girl I met on the beach.
Anne Marie: Who? Who was she?
Matt: The kind of girl who wouldn't ask a guy what to do.

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Solaris picture

Snow: How much sleep ya need, Kelvin?
Chris Kelvin: How much sleep?
Snow: Yeah. Um, how long ya think you can go without sleep?
Chris Kelvin: Depends.
Snow: Well, when you do go to sleep... I find I sleep much better with the door locked.

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The Good Girl picture

Gwen Jackson: Happy Halloween, Corny.
Corny: Oh... I'm not a pagan, but thanks all the same.

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Drumline picture

Jason: I'm trying to get my spot back.
Devon: How? By river-dancing with your drum?

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The Rules of Attraction picture

Paul Denton: I feel like my life lacks forward momentum, ya know.

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The Scorpion King picture

Arpid: Let me tell you, after a hard day of looting and pillaging, there is no greater city than Gomorrah... except maybe Sodom.

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Punch-Drunk Love picture

Dean Trumbell: Now get the fuck out of here, pervert.
Barry: Didn't I warn you?
Dean Trumbell: Th... That's that.

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Serving Sara picture

Ray Harris: It's only been three white geniuses ever: Da Vinci, Stallone in the first Rocky, and now you, Tony.

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Maid in Manhattan picture

Marisa: Come on, who's kidding who here? Do you think you would have taken a second look at me if you knew I was the maid? With all due respect.

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Swept Away picture

Amber: What have you done to me?
Guiseppe: What you needed doing to you. Don't you like it?
Amber: It's okay.

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Far from Heaven picture

Eleanor Fine: Call me old fashioned, I just like all the men I'm around to be all men.

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