The Quiet American

Continuity mistake: When Fowler tells Phuong that Pyle is dead she is leaning back in a chair. First her long hair is hanging down in front, then it moves to the back between shots.



Continuity mistake: When Pyle comes to Fowler's place on the night of his assassination his dog leaves a footprint in the uncured concrete in the hallway where some tiling work hasn't been finished yet. In close-up the line of tiles at the border has a step that wasn't there before.



Continuity mistake: When Pyle and Fowler talk about the sound difference of a backfiring car and a grenade Pyle's jacket is hanging over his right sholder, held by one finger. When the camera angle changes it's hanging over his left arm.



Continuity mistake: When Fowler interviews General The a large book on The's desk appears and disappears several times during the scene.



Continuity mistake: The cups and teapot on Fowler's table disappear and reappear during the Place Garnier bombing scene.



Continuity mistake: In the interview scene there's an x-shaped scar on Muoi's cheek, but later in the warehouse there's only one cut.

00:41:25 - 00:57:00


Continuity mistake: When the first car bomb goes off at Place Garnier the cyclists and the traffic policeman right in front of the car are totally unaffected but Fowler, who is sitting across the square, almost falls off his chair. When we see the exploding car again a split second later cyclists and policeman and everybody else have disappeared from the scene, but in the third shot of the car the whole area is covered with corpses, many more than there were people around before the bomb went off.



Continuity mistake: When Fowler and Pyle are sitting in the watchtower you see heavy rain outside and even coming through the roof. However, in all outside shots it's not raining at all.



Factual error: At the end of the movie, Harry Truman is quoted in 1954 in laying out the domino theory, but it was his successor, Dwight D. Eisenhower who did that.

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Continuity mistake: When Pyle's body is found floating in the river the right side of his jacket is bloodstained, but in the morgue scene the wound is on the left side, which is in line with the stabbing at the end of the movie.

00:02:50 - 01:21:10


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The officer speaking French is true to historical facts: it was mainly the French Foreign Legion fighting in Indochina at the time. However, the troops were predominantly of German origin (ex Wehrmacht and SS soldiers) and there is no detectable German accent in their French. True, this could be a fully French unit, thus no mistake. In live movies and interviews from the time, German accents in French are common.