The Rules of Attraction
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Sean Bateman: I just want to know you.
Lauren: Nobody knows anyone. You will never ever know me.

Kelly: What's your name?
Sean Bateman: Peter.
Kelly: Aren't you a senior?
Sean Bateman: No, I'm a freshman.
Kelly: Really? I thought you were older.
Sean Bateman: No, a freshman. Peter. Peter the Freshman.

Paul Denton: I watched him with growing intensity as he refilled the pipe in the dark and smokey din of the room. He delicately fingered what looked like dried moss to me, and it struck me then that I liked Sean because he looked, well, slutty. A boy who'd been around. A boy who couldn't remember if he was Catholic or not.

Lara: It's amazing how much weight you lose when you go off The Pill.
Lauren: Which is nothing compared to the fifty pounds you gain when you get knocked up.

Donald: Need I remind you we have somebody OD-ing back here?
Paul Denton: He's not OD-ing. He's a freshman. Freshmen don't OD.

Paul Denton: I feel like my life lacks forward momentum, ya know.

Mrs. Mimi Jared: Well..."Dick " how is school?
Richard "Dick" Jared: Sucks cock-k-k.

Rupert: You want some coke?
Sean Bateman: Um. Sure.
Rupert: Then buy some of your own, bitch.

Sean Bateman: Since when does fucking somebody else mean that I'm not faithful to you?

Mitchell: Hehe yeah. Old enough to pee, old enough for me.

Lara: How do I look?
Lauren: You look kind of skinny, actually.
Lara: Skinny, really? Bulimic skinny or anorexic skinny?
Lauren: What's the difference?
Lara: Bulimic skinny passes for healthy, except your teeth rot. But my teeth aren't rotting, so.
Lauren: So you look bulimic skinny.

Sean Bateman: I only had sex with her because I'm in love with you.

Lauren: Abstinence is 100% safe, which is less of a percentage than.
Lara: Whatever, I don't care, I don't major in math.

Lara: You really think I'm skinny? Wait - anorexic skinny or bulimic skinny?

Mrs. Mimi Jared: And what classes are you taking... Dick?
Dick: Ummm, gangbang 101, Freebase Tutorial, and Oral Sex Workshop.

Dr. Phibes, Waiting Room Doctor: Harry's gone bye-bye, he's gone to the big bye-bye. He's got his name in the papers on the back side. It's "Toe Tag Time in Teenville Tonight." Again. Should've just said no, Harry.
Harry: I'm not dead am I?
Dr. Phibes, Waiting Room Doctor: Actually, you don't have a pulse. I think you're dead.

Continuity mistake: When Lauren and Lara share cocaine in their dorm room, Lara's face starts out clean. After a few quick cuts between the girls, her nose is dusted with white powder. There is another quick cut to Lauren and back to Lara, and the powder is gone, before she has had a chance to wipe it off or move.

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Trivia: When Sean Bateman answers the payphone call from Paul, he asks if it's Patrick calling. Patrick Bateman was a character from American Psycho, which was made by the same production company. Also, Patrick Bateman was Sean's brother in the novel.

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