The Rules of Attraction

We really see the ending at the start. Lauren is raped. Sean gets beaten up by Rupert and the other drug dealer and leaves the party without taking the blonde girl back to his room for sex. Paul gets bashed by a homosexual in disguise and has his heart broken by Sean. Paul asks Lauren if she was the one who wrote the love letters to Sean and she says no. The last view is of Sean driving his motorcycle, thinking, thinking of something. and that something is...

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Continuity mistake: In the split screen scene when Lauren removes Sean's sunglasses, you can see that after the shot pans outward where both are facing each other, they are actually several feet apart. There is no way she could have reached his face from where she is standing. (00:37:01)

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Lara: How do I look?
Lauren: You look kind of skinny, actually.
Lara: Skinny, really? Bulimic skinny or anorexic skinny?
Lauren: What's the difference?
Lara: Bulimic skinny passes for healthy, except your teeth rot. But my teeth aren't rotting, so.
Lauren: So you look bulimic skinny.

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Trivia: Christian Bale declined an offer to reprise his role of Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho."

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