Best romance movie quotes of 2002

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Crossroads picture

Young Lucy: My mom thinks I'm at your house.
Young Mimi: My dad thinks I'm at yours.

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The Quiet American picture

Thomas Fowler: I have never thought of myself as a correspondent, just a reporter. I offer no point of view, I take no action, I don't get involved. I just report what I see.
Alden Pyle: But you must have an opinion.
Thomas Fowler: Even an opinion is a form of action.

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The Soul Keeper picture

Sabina Spielrein: What can grow without rain? What can burn for years without end? Stone can grow without rain. But only love can burn for years without end.

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El Crimen del Padre Amaro picture

Padre Benito: I made you the priest's whore.

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Pumpkin picture

Kent Woodlands: He's a true champion. Like Carl Lewis. In every way.

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