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Long-Haired Hobo: I'm not gonna eat that shit, you fuckin' retard.
Ethan: No one calls me a retard, ya freakin' hobo.

Ethan: I had a nickname for you! You wanna know what it was? I'm not going to tell you. All right, it was "Laser."

Ethan: You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname.

Audio problem: In the scene of the final exam James King is given a hair doll. You hear her say "Ethan, is this a hair doll?" As she is saying that, the camera turns to her and she's not speaking.

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Question: When the movie shows the two at the pool jumping in, from where do they jump off? I didn't see any diving board at the pool.

Answer: It was a simple jump into the pool, it was filmed to make more elaborate.

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