Slackers (2002)

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Corrected entry: At the final exam, James King is shown a Polaroid of Jason Schwartzman's shrine to her. The shrine includes a laptop computer playing continuous video footage of her. In the shot of what is supposed to be the Polaroid, the video is going and she is moving.

Correction: It was a flashback to when they took the picture!

Corrected entry: When Cool Ethan first confronts Dave and the guys in the locker room, Sam calls him 'Ethan' before he has told them his name.

Correction: When Ethan tells the guys in the locker room that his friends call him "Cool Ethan" he is not introducing himself to them, because they already know who he is. Therefore, when Sam calls him Ethan it is not a mistake.

Correction: They had seen him at the restaurant while celebrating the fake birthday. Him name tag showed his name.


Corrected entry: When the Pete and Pete guy is shown cheating on a test he is the last person done. In the next shot he is in front of the line. You can even see several people that stay in the line while he must have walked up and skipped them all.

Correction: The professor was calling him to the front of the room, so it is likely that they all moved aside to let him pass.


Audio problem: In the scene of the final exam James King is given a hair doll. You hear her say "Ethan, is this a hair doll?" As she is saying that, the camera turns to her and she's not speaking.

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Ethan: You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname.

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