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Blue Crush (2002)

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Continuity mistake: At the "Big Pipe" contest the star gets trapped under water when her leash gets caught on some rocks. You see her undo the velcro on her ankle and then abandon the board (with the leash attached). About 20 seconds later when she is diving below the oncoming waves you can clearly see the leash re-attached to her ankle.

Continuity mistake: When Anne Marie walks into the bathroom at the hotel she goes in holding a black bag, then she sits down in the stall and uses a cell phone, but when she first arrives at the hotel she is not holding a black bag or cell phone.

Visible crew/equipment: When Anne Marie is teaching Matt to surf, the first time they both get up on their boards, you can see the boat that is filming them from the waves, off to the right of the screen.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Anne Marie is competing in the "Big Pipe" contest, you see that her hair is in a ponytail and dry. Then in between shots, her hair is down and drenched. This repetition continues for the entire sequence.

Continuity mistake: When Anne Marie is paddling out for her final wave at the contest, you can see several times that her stunt double's hair is down while her hair is pulled back, and you can also see in at least one shot that her stunt double is wearing red bikini bottoms, while she is wearing black ones.

Continuity mistake: During the underwater training scene where Anne Marie is running while Eden and Lena hold on to her shoulders, you can tell that it was partially shot with stunt doubles, because Eden's hair is only midway down her back, but her stunt double's hair reaches her waist.

Continuity mistake: When Anne Marie is telling the girls about her time with Matt, the first time after the group surfing lesson, all of the girls are sitting on the bed barefoot. In the next shot, two of them are wearing flip-flops.

Continuity mistake: As Anne Marie walks toward the registration booth at the contest, she is wearing a black bikini bottom that is very narrow on the sides. When she walks up to the table, however, she is wearing a different bottom, a more 'boy-cut' style wider across the sides.

Continuity mistake: When the 3 girls are training for the Pipe, there is a shot of all 3 of them staring at the waves. Eden is wearing a bikini top with an American flag design. The next shot shows them running over to the sand bar and Eden now has on a blue bikini top. Then it goes back to the flag top in the next shot in the water.

Continuity mistake: As the girls arrive at the Pipemaster-contest, you see that Lena is wearing sunglasses, but later on she seems to have lost them, because they're nowhere to be seen (this mistake is pointed out at the commentary of the DVD as well).

Plot hole: At the training sequence, where Anne Marie is running on the sea floor. When they get up, suddenly their surfboards turn up out of nowhere (they didn't have them tied to their ankles, because we would've seen that in the underwater-shots)

Continuity mistake: Many times throughout the movie we can see the face of Kate Bosworth's body double - the most obvious time being at the end of the movie, when she emerges from the pipe with her arm in the air.

Manager of Lanakai: You can pick up your last paycheck next week, surf's up Anne Marie.
Anne Marie: Please don't suspend me.
Manager: I'm not suspending you, I'm firing you.
Eden: Well, if she's fired, I quit.
Lena: Me too.
Anne Marie: So you're seriously firing all of us?
Manager: No, I'm firing you, they quit, so don't get any ideas about un-employment.
Anne Marie: Seriously, guys, don't quit! We need to make rent.

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Trivia: On the cover of the DVD, Anne Marie has bright blue eyes (digitally altered). Throughout the film, it is obvious her left eye is brown and her right is blue.

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Question: What's the point of the orange and the marijuana? I didn't quite get that.

Answer: I've been told it's to keep the marijuana moist. The moisture from the orange peel keeps the stuff fresh so that it burns longer. The same happens with an apple peel.

Joe Matallanes

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