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Blue Crush (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Eden is explaining the rotation of the earth to Penny, she references a Superman episode in which Superman flies around the earth opposite the natural rotation. What she is referencing is the ending of Superman: The Movie.

Correction: Eden could simply have confused the ending of the movie for an episode. It's not ncessarily a mistake with the movie, it could simply be explained as a mistatement by a character in the movie.

Joel Amos Gordon

Corrected entry: Anne Marie is making a sandwich in the kitchen. She brings out a pack of meat and cheese. She is seen taking a piece of cheese but no meat. Then when we see the sandwich, it has meat instead of cheese in it.

Correction: It is not necessary to see every action made by a character, if it doesn't cause a continuity problem. She adds the meat off camera, then watch carefully while Anne Marie cuts the crust off of her sandwich. There is cheese on the sandwich, it just blends in with the bread, because it's white cheese and not yellow.

Corrected entry: When the girls are driving down the road talking to the Quarterback guy, a car is seen coming directly at them, but they never encounter this car in other shots.

Correction: In this scene, watch the girls' car as it drives next to Matt's. You will see through their car windows that the car that was coming directly towards them passes by them on the shoulder. It happens fast, so pay close attention.

Corrected entry: In the 'teaching the football players to surf' montage, there are two consecutive shots of a man flipping a small girl around his shoulders while surfing. In the first shot, he has on a shirt and yellow patterned trunks, but in the second shot, he is shirtless and wearing solid yellow trunks.

Correction: The two consecutive shots of a man flipping a girl over his shoulders is actually two different men and two different girls. In the first shot, it is a white man flipping a girl wearing a bikini, and the next shot is an African American man flipping a girl wearing a one piece suit.

Corrected entry: When Anne Marie introduces the football players to Penny for lessons, Penny is wearing a juicy top. If they have very little money and call themselves broke, then it is odd for her to have expensive clothing.

Correction: Well, they could have been hand-me-downs.

Corrected entry: In the shot where Anne Marie is surfing her final wave a Pipeline, when she is coming down the wave about to set her rail, the camera man is visible in the left hand part of the screen. He/she is in the water with an orange box, the waterproof housing, for the camera in his hands. He disappears because he goes under the wave.

Correction: During most surfing events, there are cameras in the water catching the action for ESPN and so forth. Could be a mistake or it could be on purpose to make the event more authentic.


Corrected entry: When Anne Marie arrives to sign in for the contest, the worker has her sign the waiver, but then tells her which heat she is in without asking her name or looking down at the waiver form.

Correction: This could be a mistake if you assumed the "worker" was new or unfamiliar with the business. Since Anne Marie had attained some level of recognition in amateur surfing, the worker could have recognized her. She still would have had to sign the waiver even if the "worker" knew her identity, so the people organizing the contest would be free from liability in the event of an accident.

Corrected entry: Matt never tells Ann Marie what his room number is, so how did she find her way up alone?

Correction: She worked there. It would be easy to find out the room number.



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At the "Big Pipe" contest the star gets trapped under water when her leash gets caught on some rocks. You see her undo the velcro on her ankle and then abandon the board (with the leash attached). About 20 seconds later when she is diving below the oncoming waves you can clearly see the leash re-attached to her ankle.



When the girls arrive at the beach at the beginning of the movie, they observe somebody who's getting worked by a HUGE wave. As he gets out of the water, they comment on him "he hit the reef" - "that's gotta hurt". This was not fake: The guy who did this REALLY got hurt that way and almost lost his eyeball.