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Cast Away picture

Other mistake: In the cave we see Tom Hanks drawing an analemma without a precise timekeeper, which is needed to draw one. What he could have done is a meridian rect, which is build with the meridian time. The analemma is the differential chart between the solar time and civil time.

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Suggested correction: No, what we see is Tom Hanks drawing a chalk outline on a wall to approximate the date. There is no reason to assume he got it exactly right or knew exactly what he was doing. He probably started just by drawing lines on the cave wall to mark the days then noticed the light.

Greg Dwyer

I'm afraid "just drawing lines" doesn't create the well-crafted analemma you see in the movie. A very precise time-keeping device is necessary: just a minute off will dramatically change the shape.

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Vertical Limit picture

Other mistake: When Wick is delegating climbing routes, he tells part of the team to climb "Hockey Stick Gully." This route is known as the South Face or Polish Line and although climbers can climb it, no-one has since 1986 because it is an extremely dangerous route due to the amount of technical climbing and avalanche exposure. Climbing this route in a rescue attempt would almost certainly result in more casualties.


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The Ultimate Christmas Present picture

Other mistake: When Hallee Hirsh 's name appears in the credits, a kid on a scooter moves across the screen, and he looks into the camera. (00:00:35)

Sammo Premium member

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The Watcher picture

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film, when the door lock is being picked, it is the deadbolt that is being picked. When the door opens you can see that there is no space for a deadbolt in the door frame. (00:06:40)


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Growing Up Brady picture

Other mistake: Either there was or wasn't a 5-year contract from the onset. At first, Sherwood told Bob, "It's just a pilot episode. If we get picked up for a series." Narrator Barry Williams said his agent called to tell him "the network picked up the Brady Bunch for a full season." Season One ended but Sherwood didn't call "until the last minute" to tell the cast they "would be coming back to a second season." Later, Sherwood told Bob that he knew when he did the pilot that he signed a 5-year contract. (00:05:50 - 00:21:40)


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Suggested correction: Those two things are not mutually exclusive and that's not how it works in the television industry. Actors usually have to sign a test option agreement with the studio prior to the pilot being picked up (sometimes even before auditioning). This ensures the studio that the actor is committed to the project long term should the pilot be picked up, but signing the contract agreement doesn't guarantee the pilot will be picked up. A 5-year test option agreement seems pretty standard.


I'm aware of such contracts - and surely Florence Henderson would have also been required to sign a five-year agreement, but there (conveniently) was no mention of this.


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Mission: Impossible 2 picture

Other mistake: Luther tells Ethan that he will only have 40 seconds for the louvres to remain open for him enter the ventilation shaft at Biocyte before the alarm goes off. But the warning message on Luther's computer says that the limit is 20 seconds. (01:06:30 - 01:09:10)

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Hellraiser: Inferno picture

Other mistake: Joe's wife is on the phone for only a couple of seconds both times, there is no time at all for Joe's mother to tell her that she had a visitor that Joe was looking for and that he was an engineer of sorts, she barely had time to say hello.


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Little Nicky picture

Other mistake: When Nicky is expressing his trepidation about going up to the Earth realm, he states that he's never even slept over at a friend's house. Later when he is on Earth, Beefy has to remind him to try sleeping, as Nicky had no idea what it was.

Phaneron Premium member

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The Beach picture

Other mistake: In the first scene between Richard and Daffy, Daffy calls Richard by name, even though Richard has never told him his name.

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Gladiator picture

Other mistake: When Proximo says "Use this" to Maximus and throws him a piece of body armor, it is not the same armor he uses in the scenes that follow. (01:10:00 - 01:12:55)

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Where The Heart Is picture

Other mistake: The timing was way off from the couple visiting from midnight Mississippi, to the actual kidnapping, and she said they had visited last week.

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The Patriot picture

Other mistake: When Martin and his younger sons attack the soldiers Gabriel sent to their camp, the body count totals 20. That includes the private who gets up and tries to run that Martin hacks to death. Later when Tavington is questioning the wounded private the Cherokee scouts brought in, he indicates he was in the fight. But Tavington states 20 soldiers were killed and the ambush shows 20 being killed. Where did the private come from?


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Suggested correction: There are 21 soldiers in the group. Samuel kills one with a rifle. Nathan kills six with a rifle. Benjamin kills four with his rifles, one with a pistol, six with his knife and tomahawk, two with redcoat rifles, and shoots the injured man into the stream.


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The Whole Nine Yards picture

Other mistake: When they've duct taped the cop to the x-ray machine to check the outcome of the procedures Oz did on his teeth, there is no film in his mouth as the machine takes the x-ray. (01:17:20)

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