The Emperor's New Groove

Continuity mistake: When Kronk is disposing of the llama body, he runs down a very tall staircase. At the bottom, he runs into two peasants and leans up against the wall. The peasants pass him, walking toward the left side of the screen. Immediately after they disappear from the screen, the "camera" zooms out so you can see the entire palace. Now, the only place the peasants could have gone was up the staircase Kronk had just come down from, unless they wanted to fall off a cliff. If you look on the stairs, though, no one is there. The peasants couldn't have made it all the way up the extremely tall and steep staircase within seconds, so they just mysteriously disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pacha and Kuzco are drying off after they fall over the waterfall, the slot for the wearer's head in the center of Pacha's poncho is clearly visible when Kuzco takes it and uses it to dry himself off. Following the shot change between when Kuzco throws it and when it lands on the fire Pacha is trying to light, the poncho becomes just a solid green square towel with no hole for the wearer to put his head through, which is easy to see when Pacha hangs it backup on another tree. (00:32:07)

Continuity mistake: When Kuzco smashes Pacha's hill top home, there's no button on the castle, but when he pushes it for the party streamers the button appears in front of the castle. (00:09:35)

Continuity mistake: When Kuzco and Yzma make a dive for the potion bottle, Yzma is turned into a cat simply by landing on the potion bottle. This suggests that a person only needs to touch the potion in order to be affected. However, when Kronk and Yzma are serving Kuzco dinner and are trying to avoid poisoning themselves, Kronk pours his potion drink on himself and is not affected.



Factual error: In the movie, there is a whole pack of jaguars. Jaguars are actually solitary animals.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, all throughout the scenes from Yzma talking to the old peasant, to Pacha coming in and meeting with Kuzco, the tile floor keeps changing colors.

Deliberate mistake: The balloon llama the chipmunk makes has legs which are completely detached. The pairs of legs should be twisted together. Without this, it looks like the balloon has 6 different ends.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kuzco falls into the jaguar pit, it shows several scenes with sleeping jaguars with bones scattered around. A few seconds later in the overhead shot, there are no bones in the frame.

Continuity mistake: Before Kuzco throws the crown in the air, there are 6 rays of sun on crown. While it's in the air, there are now 7 rays of sunshine and then back on his head it's 6 rays again. (00:01:30)

Continuity mistake: When Yzma is sitting in the emperors chair she has 4 eyelashes for each eye. When they show close up of Yzma she has 6 for each eye. (00:06:30)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Pacha and Kuzco are hiding in a little room in the restaurant, the door next to them is closed. In the next shot, it's open.

Continuity mistake: While Kuzco is brushing his hair with the llama comb it has 7 legs. When the comb is tossed into the cup it now has 8 legs. (00:01:30)

Continuity mistake: When Kuzco fires Yzma he tells the guard to show the village leader in, but when they show the door, there is no guard going to get the village leader, nor are there any guards by the doors.

Factual error: The first song labels the empire as "mesoAmerican". The Incan empire is not mesoAmerican. Cusco the city is located in Peru, in South America.

Continuity mistake: When Pacha and Kuzco fall down the canyon wall only to get stuck in the narrow gap they have to work their way back up to the rope, but when Pacha fell through the bridge just seconds before he had a clear view of the river below. There was no narrow canyon blocking the way.

Continuity mistake: When Kronk offers Kuzco the poison, he runs out of the room because his spinach puffs are burning. He takes the poison with him. When he returns he is carrying only the spinach puffs and the cups appear back on the table.


Continuity mistake: Whenever you see Pacha raise his arms or angles where you can see his undershirt under his green tunic, his undershirt is the same brown as his skirt/kilt and matches it. But in scenes where he takes his tunic off, his undershirt becomes white.

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Yzma: That's it, Kronk! Break the door down!
Kronk: Break it down? Are you kidding me? This is hand-carved mahogany!

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Trivia: Near the end of the film, Yzma is turned into a cat. Eartha Kitt (Yzma) was one of the actresses who played Catwoman on the "Batman" television series in the 1960s.

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Answer: No, not in the slightest. The names are similar, but it's an entirely new and different story.

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