The Emperor's New Groove

Corrected entry: Carts with wheels were not used in the Incan empire. Not only would they not work with all the steps carved into the mountainsides, llamas refuse to pull things behind them. They were used as pack animals.

Correction: There are numerous things in this film that didn't exist in the Incan empire, such as spinach puffs, electrical floor waxers, talking animals, and theme song singers with microphones. It's known as "creative license."

Corrected entry: When we first see the poison, it's in a container that Yzma knockes over to kill the plant, and she gives the container to Kronk. How did it get into a little vial labled with a human skull-that-is-mistaken-for-a-llama if all Kronk had to do was pour the liquid from the container into a vial and from there into the emperor's drink?

Correction: The potion she knocks in the plant is not poison. It is to turn Kuzco into a flea. (She explains the story, then knocks it over in excitement). After that, she says something along the lines of "Oh well, I'll just kill him" and gets out the vial with the supposed skull on the front. They are different potions that do different things.

Corrected entry: When Kuzco first turns into a llama, he falls unconscious for a few seconds. However, when he turns into a llama at the end of the film, there is simply a flash of smoke.

Correction: The first time Kuzco drank a diluted version of the potion which would explain different effects. Remember that this is a very silly and funny movie that even points out its own 'mistakes'.

Corrected entry: When Tipo (Pacha's son) wakes up after his bad dream, Pacha's wife comforts him and says that Pacha is fine and went to go see the emperor. However, the last time she saw Pacha, he said that he'll put their llama back. He never mentioned going back to the emperor. Therefore, there is no way for her to know that Pacha went back to see the emperor.

Correction: After Pacha's confrontation with Kuzco in his yard, Kuzco takes off into the woods by himself even though Pacha warns him not to. Kuzco is in the words for sometime before Pacha rescues him from the leopards. That leaves plenty of time for Pacha to walk into his house, tell his wife he's going back to see the emperor, and then go off and save Kuzco.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: When Yzma gives Kronk the 'poison' he holds it in both hands. After the line where he says 'oh, I can feel it' he takes both hands off, for about 2 seconds, massaging thin air or something. The bottle stays in the exact same place instead of falling on the floor.

Correction: Common cartoon gag, not a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kuzco fakes being poisoned Yzma tells Kronk to "get rid of the body." Kuzco should have heard that and realized that Yzma was trying to kill him.

Correction: Kuzco was knocked unconscious by Kronk. He had no idea that Yzma was trying to kill him, so he'd have no reason to pretend to be dead. Therefore, he was unconscious and couldn't hear Yzma tell Kronk to "get rid of the body."

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: The journey between Kuzco's palace and Pacha's village has to take at least an entire day (It's night when Kronk knocks Kuzco out, day while Pacha is traveling and dusk when he arrives back home), surely during that time Pacha would have stopped for even a brief rest so he should have noticed the large sack on the back of his wagon before he got all the way home.

Correction: He presumes the sack is one of his, so he doesn't notice it. It isn't until it starts moving that it gets his attention.

Corrected entry: Yzma knocks over the poison and it spills onto the plant. You would think that all, or maybe even some of the poison would have come out of the vial, but there is the same amount if not more poison in the vial when she says: "I'll just poison him with this."

Correction: Yzma might very well have had several different kinds of potions, all in different vials.

Corrected entry: When Yzma first tries to poison Kuzco, Kronk uses the wrong potion and Yzma sees this by the label that is on the potion. But at the end of the film when they are trying to find the human potion amongst all the other potions, none of them have labels.

Correction: When Kronk mixes up the potions, he says "you know, in my defence, your potions all look the same. You might want to consider re-labeling them." So maybe most of them don't have labels in the first place.

Corrected entry: This is a 2 parter, 1. If potions don't have to be drunk but just touch the person then Kronk would have turned into a llama when he faked drinking the drink at Yzma's house, or when he used the mitt to mix the drinks again. 2. And the palace guards did not have to drink the potions that Pacha spilled when he knocked over the table in Yzma's lab. (00:15:00 - 01:04:50)

Correction: There could be different types of potions, some that you have to drink, and some that you only need to touch.

Corrected entry: When Pacha and Kuzco Llama go to look for the Human Potion, they open the owl cabinet and find the labels Lions, Tigers, and Bears. When Yzma knocks the cabinet, all the potions spill out, including the Lions, Tigers, and Bears. But Kuzco tried all the potions and never turned into a lion, tiger, or bear.

Correction: Kuzco will obviously only try the potions without labels as he wants to turn into a human. If the potion has a label on it, like these do, he wouldn't use it.

Those potions didn't have labels on them like the llama one did earlier (just the carving in the wood), so Kuzco could have turned into those animals.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Pacha and Kuzco got into the restraunt kitchen, the double doors are red but when Kuzco leaves, they are blue.

Correction: They are blue on one side and red on the other.

Corrected entry: Pacha gives Kusco his green thing to wear to the restaurant as a disguise, but later when Pacha leaves Kusco you see that Kusco still has his robe thing and eventually takes it off and throws it on the ground. Soon after you see Pacha wearing his green robe thing talking to the other Llamas.

Correction: He told the llamas that he followed Kusco after their fight. He could have picked the green thing up while following him.


Corrected entry: This one's in the dinner scene. When Kuzco's changing into a llama, he has his round, blue earrings on. When Kronk hits him with a platter, the earrings dissappear.

Correction: Someone said that when Kronk hit Kusco his earings weren't there but if you watch closely you see them fly off from the hard hit.

Corrected entry: After Kuzco and Pacha part ways at the resteraunt, Kuzco has Pacha's tunic. He leaves it by the side of the lake. However, Pacha has it back on when he is talking to the llama herd. How did he get it?

Correction: If you listen closely while Pacha is talking to the other llamas, you hear him say, "Call me crazy for following this guy all the way out here..." meaning that he was following Kuzcko the whole time. So he probably just picked up his poncho after Kuzcko dropped it.

Corrected entry: When Kuzco tells Pacha that he is going to destroy his village, he knocks the little model out of Pasha's hand. You hear it smash when it hits the ground. Yet, Kuzco somehow has the model to replace at the end of the film.

Correction: He's the emperor, if he wants another model all he has to do is snap his fingers.

Corrected entry: When Yzma calls for the guards to kill Pacha and Kuzko, there are at least ten guards but after Pacha spills the potions of them there are only six remaining (An ostrich, an octopus, a cow, a warthog, a lizard and a gorilla).


Correction: It is stated earlier she had a flea potion, so it is completely plausible she would have potions for other small creatures like an ant, spider, fly, even a mouse. They could have been changed into one of those and would not have been seen.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Kuzko and Pacha are trying a bunch of different potions to change him back. When Kuzko is a turtle and they slide down the railing, in the first shot it goes straight down, but the next shot it's a ramp.


Correction: No, it is just a steep railing. There is also a landing which can distort the view.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Yzma is smashing the statues of Kuzco, Yzma tells Kronk to move one of the statues "a little to the left", however it was moved to both of their rights.

Correction: Well Kronk is very stupid and Yzma isn't the brightest spark so she just failed to notice. Character mistake if anything.

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning, in the scene where Kuzco says, "And let me guess, you have a great personality." he says this to a woman in a crown. In the next shot, the woman that looks mad does not have a crown on, yet she is standing next to the woman that does.

Correction: No, she simply looks down. The woman who gets mad is the one he says "Yikes" to.

Continuity mistake: When Kronk is disposing of the llama body, he runs down a very tall staircase. At the bottom, he runs into two peasants and leans up against the wall. The peasants pass him, walking toward the left side of the screen. Immediately after they disappear from the screen, the "camera" zooms out so you can see the entire palace. Now, the only place the peasants could have gone was up the staircase Kronk had just come down from, unless they wanted to fall off a cliff. If you look on the stairs, though, no one is there. The peasants couldn't have made it all the way up the extremely tall and steep staircase within seconds, so they just mysteriously disappeared.

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Yzma: That's it, Kronk! Break the door down!
Kronk: Break it down? Are you kidding me? This is hand-carved mahogany!

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Trivia: When Kronk is getting rid of Kuzco (now as a llama) he is darting around suspiciously humming some theme song. When some people approach, he stands against the wall. You can see that the design on the wall are two hands pointing to where he was standing.


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Question: All of the vials that Yzma has are labeled, but how? They can't be inside the vale because they would be wet and Yzma couldn't have flipped the label up like she did in a scene, yet...there is nothing attaching the label to the vial. how is it attached?

Answer: It is probably attached with the equivalent of a piece of Scotch tape rolled over itself; I'm sure you've done that before. It wouldn't be visible to the naked eye, and Yzma would be able to flip the label up.

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