The Emperor's New Groove

Answer: No, not in the slightest. The names are similar, but it's an entirely new and different story.

Question: I know what Pacha's son's name is, because it is said a couple of times, but is his daughter's name ever revealed? I've never been able to figure out what her name is.

Answer: Her name is Chaca. Says so in the credits.

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Question: All of the vials that Yzma has are labeled, but how? They can't be inside the vale because they would be wet and Yzma couldn't have flipped the label up like she did in a scene, yet...there is nothing attaching the label to the vial. how is it attached?

Answer: It is probably attached with the equivalent of a piece of Scotch tape rolled over itself; I'm sure you've done that before. It wouldn't be visible to the naked eye, and Yzma would be able to flip the label up.

Question: Near the end, the guards turned into animals when Pacha knocks the potions at them and Izma turns after crushing one. Why didn't Kronk turn when he poured his potion on his shoulder while pretending?

Answer: The potion was consumed by Kuzco - he drank it. As for the others it looks like they inhaled it while it was in smoke form. Maybe it needs to be ingested somehow in order for the person to turn into an animal.

There was a scene that showed Yzma pouring the potion onto a cactus which, she thought at the time, was poison. In the next scene, the cactus had taken on the shape of a llama. This could imply that the potion could affect somebody any number of ways.

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Kuzco: This is Yzma, the emperor's advisor. Living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth.

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Trivia: This the first Disney animated feature to show a pregnant woman.

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