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Point Break picture

Factual error: In the second skydiving scene Patrick Swayze tells the pilot to fly the plane at 4000 feet, which he does as this can been seen on an altimeter. When skydiving from 4000 feet it would take 25 seconds before you hit the ground but the skydive in this scene lasts 1 minute 51 seconds.

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Hudson Hawk picture

Factual error: Leonardo's workshop is shown with a model of one of his flying machine ideas hanging from the ceiling. This is in 1481 but Leonardo did not start his studies into flight until about 1485. (00:01:45)


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The Last Boy Scout picture

Factual error: The football game at the end of the movie supposedly takes place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. However, the overhead shots after Milo is killed show that the endzone says "SAN DIEGO". The end zone paint is red, white, and blue. This footage was obviously shot in San Diego, most likely during the Holiday Bowl college football game, which is held in San Diego in mid-December. (01:36:30)

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The Pope Must Die picture

Factual error: When Robbie is shot at in the "Popemobile", the bullet comes through the glass. The whole reason for having it is because it's bulletproof. They started using it after John Paul II was shot in the early 80's.

David Mercier

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Other People's Money picture

Factual error: Garfield plays a violin in the film. The miniature displayed on the desk is supposed to be a violin, but it is actually a cello on its side.

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Backdraft picture

Factual error: In the beginning when the Mcaffrey brothers' dad is killed, he pushes Scott Glenn (Adcox) into an adjacent room. Then the whole floor explodes - why wasn't Adcox hurt? He should have been blown up with the rest of the floor.

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My Girl picture

Factual error: In one scene, Vada is showing off her mood ring. The movie is set in 1972 and mood rings were not created until 1975.


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Child's Play 3 picture

Factual error: When the school starts the war games and Chucky switches the paint rounds for live ammo and a few people get shot, this is impossible because those types of guns have been modified so they can't fire live rounds. All Chucky would have done is taken away their ability to fire anything.


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Nothing But Trouble picture

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie Chris starts up his BMW 733i and the camera pans around the interior of the car. Viewers see the tachometer, center dash stack, and the navigation screen. If you pause the movie and study the center dash stack, note that there is a Panasonic CD player. This CD player would have been an aftermarket install because a 1988 BMW didn't offer a CD player. Now later in the movie Chris is asked to put in a tape. Now there was no tape player in Chris's BMW. It was replaced by that CD player.

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Cape Fear picture

Factual error: 'Cape Fear' is based in North Carolina, and cars shown in the film have North Carolina license plates. However, the cars have plates on both the front and back, and in North Carolina, cars only have plates on the back.

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F/X2 picture

Factual error: Take a look at the directory listing on Chris' computer. It is absolutely absurd. The game Battlechess, for instance, is shown having the filename BATTLECH.ESS . No popular program uses an .ESS extension. It should be BATTLE.EXE . Besides, Battlechess takes a whole CD by itself. It would not be on a single floppy with a bunch of unrelated files. (00:32:40)

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Little Man Tate picture

Factual error: In one scene Fred Tate is explaining to his mom, Dede, what a 'lepton' is. He says first "A lepton is a Z-particle", then furthermore says "Do you know what protons and electrons are? [...] Well leptons are even smaller." In fact, electrons *are* a kind of lepton. Also, there is only one Z-particle, and it is quite different from leptons.

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Fried Green Tomatoes picture

Factual error: When Idgie and Ruth ride on the train Idgie's shining hair reveals that there is more light in the wagon than the petroleum lamp they brought with them. (00:29:05)


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The People Under the Stairs picture

Factual error: When Fool calls the police from a coin phone, he puts the coin into the phone, then calls 911. Given that 911 is a free call we should hear the sound of the coin being returned immediately after it was dialed, but we don't. (01:08:45)

BocaDavie Premium member

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The Addams Family picture

Factual error: At the end of the Mamushka, Fester catches the final knife down his throat. With the length of the blade and the angle at which the knife is in his mouth, the point of the knife should be coming out the back of his head.


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Dutch picture

Factual error: When Dutch is lighting fireworks, he accidentally catches the bag of fireworks on fire. He then throws his coat over the top of the bag. The bottle rockets shoot straight through his heavy winter coat and up into the air. I have never seen a rocket that could do this.

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What about Bob? picture

Factual error: When Leo is "choking," he's coughing and making a lot of yelling and groaning noises. Obviously this means that air is getting to and from his lungs. But the family freaks out, Bob does the Heimlich maneuver, and afterwards the family congratulates Bob for "saving" Leo. The doctor's surely well-educated family should have known that he wasn't in any real danger. (Not to say they wouldn't be concerned, but Bob seems to be doing more damage that what Leo is choking on.)


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Flight of the Intruder picture

Factual error: The movie states that it's set 7 years after the US became involved in the war. This would make it about 1968. When Brad Johnson and the girl are dancing, the song "Rockin Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" by Johnny Rivers was playing, which was not released until 1972.


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Suggested correction: The US officially became involved in 1965 not 1961...1965+7=1972.

Steve Kozak

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Double Impact picture

Factual error: While the 1960s-70s era Hong Kong vehicle licence plates were period-correct as far as number sequence (no letter prefix) and having white plates front and back, the type of plastic, retro-reflecting plates shown are from the modern era (post-1983). Cars in HK from that period had non-retro-reflecting plates, with either numbers painted on with stencils, or individually mounted plastic letters.

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A Brief History of Time picture

Factual error: Hawking explains how time slows as one approaches a black hole's event horizon. To illustrate this a CGI-animated analog wristwatch is shown ticking away the seconds progressively more slowly. It's the kind of watch that ticks intermittently: once each second the hand sweeps one second-long increment around the dial and then waits one more second to sweep another increment. In the animation, the frequency of the ticks lessens, but the speed at which the hand sweeps each increment stays the same. To be consistent, the sweep-speed needs to slow down just as much as the tick-frequency. (00:36:30)

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